Backpack Photography 2017 in Bontoc, Biliran and Batanes


We’re bringing back Backpack Photography this first half on 2017. We’re going to our favorite haunts in Bontoc and Batanes while offering a new offbeat destination in Biliran. Our Backpack Photography tours are not your typical tourist trip. Our itinerary are designed with photography in mind. We’ll take you to locations on the ideal times of the day and help you get back quality images you will be happy with. Check out details and trip dates of our upcoming photo tours below.

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Tañon Strait | Oceana Philippines Photo Safari Chronicles

Expedition map of Tañon Strait photo safari

Sometimes it takes someone else’s eyes to see the beauty that surrounds us. Familiarity can be numbing at times and comfort can make us overlook what’s in front of us. That can be said the same to some people living along the area of Tañon Strait, the largest protected seascape in the country sandwiched between two major islands, Cebu and Negros. Ask where the strait is to a few, they would show a blank face, not knowing that the sea in front of them is part of it. Oceana Philippines, organized a photo safari to explore the length of Tañon Strait and I was fortunate to be part of this 6-day expedition. It was an exciting project as everything was new to me. Our objective was to capture and showcase the beauty and bounty of Tañon Strait. Maybe, just maybe, through our photographer eyes we could share and let more people appreciate this natural wonder.

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Tañon Strait | Sta Fe Bantayan Island: Chasing Moonrise and Easy Mornings

“Where is Tañon Strait?” I asked when I received an offer to do a photography coverage of an week-long expedition for Oceana Philippines. Prior to this, I have no clear knowledge of this protected seascape sandwiched between two major islands Cebu and Negros. The itinerary was enticing enough. We’ll start our journey in Cebu, going up to Sta Fe Bantayan island, then making our way down parallel to the narrow strait, crossing it from Moalboal to Negros Oriental then sail all the way down to Dumaguete. Just the thought of the trip excites me as I had never been to most of the places along and within Tañon Strait.

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