Picture Perfect: Placing his passion in focus

MB's Picture Perfect Feature Cover

Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect Photographer of the Week (Feb 17, 2009)

It’s always feels great to have your work noticed. I honestly never imagined to be a feature on Picture Perfect so it was a pleasant surprise when I heard from Ronald Jayme if I could be one of their Photographer of the Week feature. I was still in Laos when the issue came out so I only got to see it a few days after it was out. Though I think the layout could be a little better ( I thought the photos were a bit cramped) and Newsprint really isn’t an ideal medium to print your photos, I really really appreciate the mileage and exposure Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect has given. Even considering me as a feature was honor enough. So my sincerest thanks to Ronald Jayme for the feature and to Yugel Losorata for the write up. Below is the write up and you can click on the images for the higher resolution.

Placing his passion in focus
Yugel Losorata

There goes that opening line from The Beatles’ classic “In My Life.” For lensman Ferdz Decena, this means putting out his camera and capturing images for posterity. His travels are kept remembered not just through his memory bank, but in his portfolio as a shooter.

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