Batanes: Backpack Photography Post-Workshop June 2010

Basco Port Scene

I can’t believe it’s almost over. I woke up Sunday morning to see the group already up and ready to leave for the airport. Munching on their breakfast of tuna sandwich and a cup of coffee in hand, I also noticed their baggage clumped together at the reception area. I greeted them good morning. Everyone’s already prepared. I brought down the Selphy Printer for a last minute request to print. And as soon as we heard the Seair plane started to land, we hopped in our jeep and sped to the airport only a few minutes away.

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Backpack Photography 101 Banaue Workshop Gallery

Backpack Photography Workshop Gallery

It’s time for me to step back this time and give the photographic spotlight to the participants of the first Backpack Photography Banaue 101 Workshop. The Photography Workshop designed for beginners and starting into photography was held last March 19-21, 2010 at the highlands of Banaue, Ifugao province. It was three days of unexpected fun and cultural immersion. Lagalog and I were more than pleased when we saw the outputs of the participants during the photo critique session. So here are 2 of my choices from each of the participant’s favorite sets.

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Backpack Photography Banaue Workshop Experience

Backpack Photography Banaue 101 Experience

My good friend Oggie of and I were conceptualizing for some time on how a photography workshop would be set apart from the numerous workshops being offered right now. One, we don’t want to have the usual classroom setting. We want participants to be out there on the field where most of the photography would happen and learn on the spot. Second, we want the participants to experience the place and the culture. Getting postcard pretty pictures is one thing but getting good pictures with relevance is another. So Backpack Photography Workshop is born sharing our style of shooting.

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Road to Cambulo

Jump Off at Kinakin

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been out on the road. So when a fellow climber and one of the officers of MFPI Ms Ruby, invited me to join an Akyat-Aklat Outreach Project by Batch 19 of of MFPI’s individual members, I jumped at the opportunity and hey it would be a great start for the year to do an outreach. Last outreach I’ve done was way back in 2001. So off we go to Cambulo, Ifugao.

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