Ironwulf’s Nat Geo Expedition Journal Giveaway!

Ironwulf Nat Geo Expedition Journal Giveaway

It’s December again, signaling the end of another year. And to start off the month, I’m giving away some items that might be useful for you guys. Let me make it clear though that this is a personal give away and is not affiliated with any PR promos around. I’m giving away a National Geographic Expedition Journal. Read further on how you could get this item.

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Manila: Loving the Night with Sony Cybershot TX1

Love the Night in Manila

Sony Cybershot TX1 is one of the top of the line compact point-and-shoot from Sony and is one of the first digital cameras to boast a back-illuminated CMOS sensor which Sony called “EXMO R”. So what’s so special about this sensor? To make it short and easy, most sensors are designed with wirings at the front of the sensor photodiodes cutting off light passing through. With back-illuminated sensors, the wires are behind the photodiodes which makes them more sensitive in capturing light. With this increased light sensitivity the Cybershot TX1 boast impressive low-light and ISO performance for a compact point and shoot.

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