The 500

Ironwulf: Shade of Wulf 2001

Ironwulf: Shade of Wulf 2001

No, it’s not another sequel to the 300, it’s the number of this blog post. Officially, it’s my 500th post for this blog. I didn’t even notice it until I was about to post another entry. I say official because there were some blog post in my early years that I have to remove or set to unpublished for my own reasons as well. So there were more from here but I’d rather keep some things private. I was thinking what I should write for my 500th post but I have no particular idea so I’ll just ramble on and see where it goes from here.


Philippine Blog Awards 2005

Photo Blog Site Trophy

Photo Blog Site of the year award

I just got this really neat trophy from Philippine Blog Awards. It took some time since I somehow overlooked their email and wasn’t able to give my address for delivery. Again, my gratitude goes out to the award winning body who honored this site with this award as “Photo Blog Site of the Year” and the regular visitors of this site.

But recently, there’s been some controversy surrounding the PBA (Philippine Blog Awards) and the recent results of the winners. It started with Kid Flash X’s of [email protected] podcast comments on calling it “Bogus”, “A joke” and questioning “Who are these people?” who won the awards. And on the latest episode, riding on the fame of controversy is questioning the “Award Giving Body” itself. In truth, it’s the first time I even heard of these guys or the site itself. I didn’t somehow see them in PBA’s hundreds of nomination list, either they didn’t enter their site or nobody nominated them.

The PBA has been giving awards since 2003, but it was only until now (to my knowledge) that the results caused quite a stir in the blogging community. Probably because “Blogging” has gained ground and was really popular in 2005. Everyone seems to want to have their own blog-spotlight. And there have been a number of popular Philippine blogs out there listed on Yugatech’s Top 100 Philippine Blogs based on Technorati, that didn’t make it to the winners list.

Hahaha! Honestly I don’t know what to make of this controversy. [email protected] may have a point on their recent podcast that PBA should have valid criterias for judging as well as proper marketing, and should realize how big the blogging community is right now. My only qualm with them is to question “Who these people are?” who are listed in the finals or the winners. This isn’t a popularity contest and popularity doesn’t necessarily make a “Good Blog”. I share the same sentiments with Sean of Length of Words on his Blog Theory on what comprises a good blog.

Well, for me it’s up to the people who read this blog whether they find if I deserve the award or not. But I’d be a hypocrite not to say that I do enjoy having this award, because I honestly didn’t expect to have it since the guys at the finals with me are really really good. Yet I am thankful for it.


Unknown calls

Me: checks phone past 11pm.

Phone: 1 unknown missed call

Me thinks:
Might be a potential client

Me text:
U missed call. who’s dis pls?

Few minutes later….

Phone: 1 new message

stranger text: SOwEe pOh nagmizcOl akOh seO..nwrOng nO.lng pOh..sOwEe pOh d’ way i’m aNn nga pla..hOw abOut u’r nMe?

Me thinks: Ahh it’s only a wrong number… but what’s with those capital “O’s” and “E’s”. And why is she asking for a name when it’s a wrong number?

didn’t reply

A few minutes later…

Phone rings…

Phone: 1 unknown missed call

Me: Check. It’s the same unknown number as before.

Me thinks: What’s wrong with these people?

Me turns off the phone.


Look-a-like nga ba?

Male Look Alike

I saw this on Migraine-Man’s site and thought I try it with my boring passport ID pic. Natuwa naman ako. Hehehe. Ka look-a-like ko daw si Wolverine/ Hugh Jackman pati si Ricky Martin. I dunno who the other guy is. I don’t know what alogarithm, mathematics or asymetrical analysis they do here to find your match, but it does boost up your ego a notch there. Hahaha. Or maybe it’s like those videoke machines where you program the scoring from 95-100 no matter haw bad your singing is. Check it out at just for the fun of it. And below are my female look-a-likes. Bigatin! Si Amanda Peet (?), Halle Berry and Winona Ryder.

Female Look Alike


A Rough Week

Well it was a really rough week for me really it started out really bad. I thought I lost it there for a moment having a whirl of problems coupled with some sudden insecurity issues that made a couple of days really hazy for me. Well after banging my head several times at the wall and having bandages here and there altogether I think I cleared up my head. hehehe just kidding!

Well having talked to a friend did help and just realizing that we decide what we feel no matter what influences or events that transpire and surround also helped. We are unique individuals and sometimes I just forget that. It was a nice learning experience though and really. I had a rough week, well I think it had to happen to let it hit my head harder but all is well now. Am back to my old self again, busy again and facing some shame for not having to meet up my deadlines for my Aristocrat projects (Elle, sori! sori! *hides myself*) I’ll try to rush it as much as I can.

And I’m glad to hear word from the other website project that I thought had gone to the grave. It has resurrected and will continue.


Enter February

I feel that it is just the start of the year for me. I never really had “Re”-solutions, only that I feel it will be quite busy for me. So many oppurtunities coming ahead and I hope it will bear fruit. I’m trying to keep myself busy as much as possible by taking up a bunch of freelance job that I can handle. I wanna work hard. Earn more muchos as I go ahead.

Also being a staff of an online mag is quite exciting. Can’t wait to work on the upcoming issues with the other staff.

There’s also this one thing that I really hoped would work out this year. I won’t mention any details for now as it’s quite far from reality as of the moment but the prospect is there, am just hoping it will work out and I would be very happy for it. Will have to wait for it in the coming months.

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