Experiencing Boracay with Blazing Fast Smart Evolution LTE

For me who constantly go on the road or fly off to a destination somewhere, I always try to make sure I’ll have a reliable way to connect online since a big part of my work involves the internet. My usual mobile office activities are monitoring my own server where my blogs are hosted, updating them, my run on my favourite social networking sites like facebook and twitter and sometimes random image submissions on requested stock photos for some publications. I have been reliant on location wifi hotspots and most especially to my mobile broadband connection, so when Smart invited me with a few other bloggers to experience their new Smart Evolution LTE Mobile Broadband technology in Boracay, I was excited, since anything that’ll make my time more productive is always welcome.

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Puerto Princesa: Mangrove Beach and Microtel Palawan Resort

Microtel Puerto Princesa Mangrove Morning

Microtel for many years have already established their brand. “It’s the same hotel where ever you go” as their slogan says. For the regular patrons, this is a good thing. They really do have one of the most comfortable chiropractic beds around and the familiar interiors would make it easier for guest to feel at home. While they do have a template for their hotels, they do make adjustments on their resort-type hotels. Like their Boracay branch, Microtel made adjustments to their beach front hotel in Puerto Princesa, Emerald Playa Beach and Nature Park.

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La Union: Enjoying a Slice of Santorini at Thunderbird Poro Point Resort

Thunderbird Resort Poro Point

Greece would be an ideal place to be lost in if I were to travel to that part of the world. But that seems to be a distant dream for now. It’s a good thing international resort chain Thunderbird brought a piece of the Greek Island, Santorini at the land of La Union. Perched up high on a scenic cliff at Poro Point, the grand Greek architecture stands out from a distance to welcome visitors at Thunderbird Poro Point Resort.

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Macau: Stay at Sofitel’s Ponte 16

Sofitel Ponte 16
Sofitel Ponte 16 Macau

It has a huge globe monitor that looks funky at night when changing colors hanging just right below the main entrance facade arc of this huge chrome and crimson colored building. It has statues of cows dressed in different patterns on the entrance grounds. Located just beside the old town of Macau and an inner harbor with Mainland China just across. Ponte 16 five-star resort is where we stayed in Macau for three nights. So how was it?

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Gears: Olympus E-420 with 25mm Pancake Lens Field Review

Olympus E-420 DSLR with 25mm f2.8 Pancake Lens

I’ve had the Olympus E-420 since last June 2008 and had been a companion to my recent trips to Coron Palawan and Northern Vietnam. This field review is long overdue but I believe that in order to really know a camera, you really have to take some time with it to avoid posting just an impression or a superficial review. On the inside page is my field review of the Olympus E-420 with the 25mm Pancake Lens.

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The Olympus e-420: World’s smallest and lightest DSLR

Olympus e-420 with Zuiko 14-42mm ED Kit Lens

Olympus Philippines was kind enough to lend me one of the latest model from Olympus DSLR line for testing and review, the Olympus e-420. The Olympus e-420 is currently the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR in the market. I was really attracted to this little wonder and wanted to really test out the unit before actually jumping into buying one. Olympus was famous for creating the OM-system cameras in the 70’s and 80’s which was also known for being small and light yet still manages to bring out the excellent quality images. A lot were excited with the release of the e-420 as it brought back the retro style cameras and also introduced the highly anticipated Zuiko 25mm 2.8 pancacke lens. I have been using a production unit for more than a week now and here are my initial impressions.

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