Buhatan River Eco Adventure

Cruising on a floating cabana at Buhatan river

“Where there’s a river, there’s life!” As they say and it can never be truer as this body of water penetrating the land can be a source of food, livelihood and instrumental in irrigation. When late environmentalist, Gina Lopez spearheaded a clean-up drive for Buhatan river in Sorsogon back in 2014 and they saw the ecotourism potential of this river. Following the path of successful river rehabilitation and ecotourism development like Bohol’s Abatan river, Cebu’s Bojo river and Puerto Pricesa’s Iwahig river to name a few.

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Tañon Strait | Bojo River Cruise: An Aloguinsan Eco-Cultural Trip

From river to sea at Bojo river

It was a relief that after travelling at least four hours from Bantayan Island, then a short 200 meter hike from the roadside, we were welcomed with Cebuano folk songs by the staffs of BAETAS (Bojo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association). I may not fully understand the words but I could feel the collective liveliness from the group vocals to the energetic strums of the lone guitar. We were on the third day of our Oceana Philippines photo safari at Tañon Strait. We traveled southwest to the town of Aloguinsan to experience their Bojo River Cruise, the towns foremost attraction with activities revolving around the 1.4km river leading to Tañon Strait.

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