China: Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park

Tianmenshan Rays at Heaven's Gate

On my last day in Zhangjiajie, we decided to visit the second National Forest Park in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan – The Tianmenshan or Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park. This National Park is a newly developed attraction in the north western Hunan Province of China, located only 8 km from the city proper of Zhangjiajie. Standing at 1518.6 meters, Tianmen Mountain is the first recorded mountain in the history of the province and has been revered as the “Soul of Zhangjiajie”. The mountain, boasting intact primitive forest, numerous rare tree species and medicinal herbs, and abundance of fauna.

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China: Climbing Emeishan 峨嵋山

Foggy trail at Emeishan

Emeishan (Mt Emei, Mt O-mei or Emei Shan 峨嵋山 ) is one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism in China. Located in Sichuan Province, South West of China, it shares its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation with Leshan’s Giant Buddha. Standing at 3,099m above sea level, it boasts of breath taking views, mysterious natural wonders and historical Buddhist Sites which makes it one of China’s popular tourist destination. And this morning we start our ascent to this sacred mountain.

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