La Union | San Juan Beach Sundown

Lifeguard post at San Juan Beach

It’s easy to get lost in reverie when on the beach. The infinite swells and crashing waves has that hypnotic hook once gazed for merely seconds. This same trance-like state lingered for a moment as sundown sets upon the famed San Juan Beach of La Union. San Juan beach is a playground for both novice and veteran surfers. But for non surfers, it’s an ideal stretch to lounge or simply walk around.

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El Nido: Caalan Beach Views in Changing Light

El Nido Caalan Beach Views

This is what I have to go through every day during my stay in El Nido. Staying in Hadefe Cottages meant that I have to walk 10 minutes or so to and fro town on a dusty track going by the shore. On occasions I ask myself, why we don’t move somewhere more convenient like the other half of our group staying at the center of town. My roomie insist that it’s been a while since he has walked around and had a good exercise as well. When we reach that corner after the cemetery I remember why I like this place. I never tire of the views here in Caalan.

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