Bora’s regaling establishments

Manok ng ina mo

Chicken ng ina mo!

Who said Bora is all about the white sand, hot bodies strolling the beach, 5 star hotels, talipapa shopping and sumptous expensive food. Tucked away from the beach and hidden in the inner nooks and crannies of the island are little known establishments that may or may not call your attention. If you’re a Filipino, it might catch your eye. First off is the “Manok ng Ina Mo!“, this is in the tradition of those streetside chicken stalls like Andok’s, Snr. Pedro or Mang Bok’s. It’s name would surely call your attention, and maybe if you taste it you would say the pinoy curse word equivalent, for either liking or hating it!

Chicken ng ina mo

Camote Ugly

And who says “Cayote Ugly” in the US is the hottest bar around. Well they haven’t been to “Camote Ugly” I bet! Get a load of this bar, and check out the menu and sample their “Pancit Canton-tan” and other sexually-derived food name from their menu.

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