Ironwulf’s New Year, New Destinations Contest 2009

Approaching Mantigue Island

Happy New Year everyone!
I’m still out traveling at this time but would want to greet everyone a Happy New Year! The past year is one of the best years in my travel. Aside from the number of adventure travels I had in 2008 there’s a lot to be thankful. I’ll reserve my Best of 2008 when I get back. 2009 brings lots of new opportunities for travel but this time I want you fellow readers to help me out.

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LightScape: Ferdz Decena Photography LightScape: Ferdz Decena Photography

In the years I have been practicing photography, I have grown to consider each photographs captured as a moment frozen in time, where the landscape of space is given form by the illuminance of light. The act of catching this moment is a serendipitous dance of a scenery and the eye of the photographer. I have always pursued most of my photography as an enjoyable way to document a travel. But I decided to step this up a little further and create a photographer’s portfolio of my own. Thus LightScape: Ferdz Decena Photography is born.

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The 500

Ironwulf: Shade of Wulf 2001

No, it’s not another sequel to the 300, it’s the number of this blog post. Officially, it’s my 500th post for this blog. I didn’t even notice it until I was about to post another entry. I say official because there were some blog post in my early years that I have to remove or set to unpublished for my own reasons as well. So there were more from here but I’d rather keep some things private. I was thinking what I should write for my 500th post but I have no particular idea so I’ll just ramble on and see where it goes from here.

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New 2008 Theme in Beta

Happy Earth Day to everyone! I finally changed my theme since I thought the last one no longer have space for improvements. The new theme have improved navigation, more SEO friendly, able to bookmark to social sites, larger images, and faster loading of theme. There are still improvements on the coming days do bear with me 😀

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