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I enjoy watching movies! I mean who doesn’t? It’s one way for me to de-stress or reward myself after finishing a tedious task. It’s always great to be inside a cool room, sitting on really comfortable seats, a really big screen in front, great surround sound and munching on my favorite snacks while watching my favorite movie. But lately watching movies in the big screen has become more of a luxury – with the ticket prices ranging from Php170 to Php300.

Good news though for movie-lovers and netizens alike. There’s a way to get SM Cinema Vouchers when shopping online using your BDO Credit Card!

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Mandalay: Rooming at Mandalay View Inn via

My room at Mandalay View Inn
My room at Mandalay View Inn

“It’s whole new way to stay” says It’s a pretty attractive strapline if you ask me. Looking into their site, it caters for different kind of travellers from the smart, adventurous and independent traveller like me. offered to try out their services and since I have a two week trip in Myanmar, I thought it would be great to try them out there. That led me to this fancy boutique hotel Mandalay View inn.

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CLICK BGC: Passion for Photography

Click BGC Ang Supremo by Sean Dino Sandoval

It’s easy to mistake a city full of high rises and skyscrapers as drab, soulless and primarily made of concrete. However, a visitor who has gone around the fast developing Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is unlikely to make this mistake. BGC features a large number of public art pieces all over the city that helps infuse character and soul in what could have been just another premier business district.

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