Lakbay Norte VI Part 5: Through High Water and Back

Celine and Gretchen taking in the view at Palaui Island

That Friday morning, we all prayed hard for sun and blue skies. After the drenching of yesterday, still vivid and sharp, we wanted nothing more to do with rain. And as though the echo of our collective pleas reverberated throughout the divine plane, the roiling clouds started to ease. As a result, we hurried to board our designated motorboats.

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Cagayan: On Rough Seas to Palaui Island and Cape Engaño Lighthouse

I’ve been looking at the stark gray sky repeatedly while hoping that it would clear up or much less, let the rains abate. It’s been at least an hour since our original call time. We’ve eaten our packed breakfast and spent time idle with Sun City‘s speedy internet connection. We could have slept over these wasted time but we were all raring to go to Palaui Island. It will be my first time to set foot on this island at the northeast tip of mainland Luzon and I won’t let this rain dampen my excitement.

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Cagayan: Sun City and Eastern Hawaii in Sta Ana

For a while there I thought I was in a land somewhere in China with all the facilities and style of architecture similar to the ones found in the mentioned country. It doesn’t help that the cable channels are mostly Chinese with only a couple of English speaking channels in line. If not for the, tropical climate, Filipino staffs and their hospitable vibe here, I’d be lost at this high-end Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort (Sun City) in Sta Ana Cagayan. They’ve been up here in Cagayan Valley for years now and was enjoyed exclusively by tourists from Mainland China and Hong Kong. Now they are ready to open the doors to Filipinos as well.

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