Romblon | Follow the Stream to Tuburan Falls

The upper layer of Tuburan Falls

It was mid-afternoon already and I was contemplating whether to visit another fall. One thing is for sure, my motorbike driver Alex is not familiar with all these places we’ve been visiting. For him, it was also an adventure but for me, it takes a bit more time to stop by, ask for directions, and at times get lost. I decided to gamble on the last fall on my way back. Tuburan Falls is already within the municipality of Odiongan so we left the main road again to find this falls on our way back from San Andres.

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Romblon | San Andres Mablaran Falls and a Pag-alad Falls Side Trip

Mablaran Falls in San Andres, Romblon

I asked the locals what their favorite waterfalls are on the island of Tablas, Romblon. Mablaran Falls in San Andres always seem to pop up so it got me curious. The group of teen boys I met at Garing Falls in Odiongan told me it’s much easier to go there from the main road. The way is paved like a highway and people can swim at night because there are now lights. Not that I’ll go there for a night swim, but I’m interested in how it looks and why is it a local favorite. From Odiongan town proper, we …

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Romblon | In Search of Garing Falls in Odiongan Tablas

A group of teens enjoying Garing Falls

While I was searching for places to go in Tablas, Romblon, I noticed there were plenty of waterfalls for such a small island. I knew I had to allot time to visit a few of these waterfalls during my stay. My travels have fortunately been kind to me most of the time and this one is no exception as I was able to easily find a motorbike hire to take me around the island. Mang Alex, who I hired from the Tugdin Airport to Aglicay Beach Resort would be my wheel for chasing waterfalls in Tablas, Romblon. Our first on …

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Romblon | Aglicay Beach Resort Tablas: Where Nature Abound

My motorbike ride roared through the narrow ascending road hugging the side of the hills. It’s always exciting to step on a new island. In this case, my feet, are finally grounded on Tablas Island, the largest of the three major islands in Romblon province. I flew into the island via PAL and landed at Tugdon airport. My motorbike is taking me to Aglicay Beach Resort in the neighboring town of Alcantara. My eyes were constantly peeled as I absorbed the idyllic landscape of this island countryside. We got off the main road and saw a sign “4km to Aglicay …

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