A Journey Through Lake Holon’s Majesty via the Kule and Salacafe Trails

Lake Holon in T'Boli South Cotabato

The prospect of waking up at 3:00 am for a 4:00 am hike back to the Lake Holon Receiving Area might seem improbable, but a midday event at Lake Sebu necessitated our prompt departure from this enchanting crater lake. Venturing back through the Salacafe trail – the easier yet longer 9km route – we commenced our journey, putting in the effort to tackle the continuous ascent from the base camp. By 5 am, we reached Salacafe Viewdeck, where the morning sky painted the landscape in captivating hues. Recognizing the opportune moment, I launched my drone, capturing the sublime beauty of …

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South Cotabato: Meeting Lang Dulay, the T’boli Dreamweavers and the T’nalak

Philippines National Treasure Awardee Lang Dulay

We climbed up the stilted T’Boli long house said to be the home to a National Living Treasure Awardee, Lang Dulay. She wasn’t there yet but the large airy long house, has portrait images hanging on one side of the room and written literature about her life and accomplishments. I heard someone going up the stairs, emerged is a small old lady garbed on a beautiful and colorful T’boli garbed. She doesn’t look frail from her old age, she has lines of experience on her face, but the lightness on her face and seemingly contented eyes makes her look younger than her years. So here’s a National Treasure right before us.

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Lake Sebu: The T’boli tribe

A Tboli girl playing a native instrument

The Tboli tribe of Lake Sebu is one of the indigenous people in Southern Mindanao. Known for their excellent skills in weaving and metal works, they are able to produce their one of a kind Tboli cloth, the Tinalak and fine metal works from musical instruments to swords. Most of them also has talents in making wooden collectibles from beads to bracelets and other bling-blings you might think. Indeed, the Tbolis is one culturally rich and talented tribe if not also, one of the most colorful in the country.

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