Surigao del Sur: Early Morning Sail from Bislig City to Hagonoy Island

It’s funny how sometimes in travel; events lead us to unexpected places and persons. Strangers at first meeting then it come to a full circle when we suddenly realize the degree of separation from the people we know. It makes travel so interesting. These thoughts were running in my head as our boat sails back to mainland in the pitch black darkness of the sea from Hagonoy Island. With us on the boat was Aling Ambing, the former governor of Bislig and the owner of the island herself. So how did we end up with her esteemed company again?

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Hong Kong: Old to New, Man Mo Temple and Symphony of Lights

We lingered for more than an hour at Statue Square before we crossed the street to the bus stop heading to Man Mo Temple. By now we are used to taking the bus and finding the right bus stops to wait for. What we’re not used to, well at least me, is seeing these large vehicles navigate through some of Hong Kong’s narrow one way roads, just like Hollywood Road. I was looking out on my window as the nearest street to Man Mo Temple was the Ladder Street. And soon I saw Nina from the front signaling us that we’re already here.

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Hong Kong: Of Street Breakfast, Trams, and Statue Square

Hong Kong Mallory Street Breakfast

The alarm sounded at 9am. Yeah it was late because we’re not really obligated to visit as many places as we possibly can. We were supposed to go to this eatery Nina recommended but has to move that in the afternoon. Instead, we dash to the street to find a good breakfast place. We passed by McDonalds on the street, no way are we gonna eat there. 7-11 Convenience stores? We wanted something a bit local and authentic. Then we found ourselves at Mallory Street staring at this giant wall facade art of buildings and junks done with a paintbrush. It was the Art Community building with illustrations done by Dickie Seto.

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Transit: Manila to Banaue & Batad

A fully loaded Jeep in Banaue

Let me say this first, that this trip to Batad is already my 4th time and that says something. It’s one of those places that I don’t regret going back to. It’s both good and bad on my part. The good is, I get to see how the place have changed since the first time I went there and second is seeing how bad things may have changed since then. It’s my fourth time there but it’s going to be the first time I’ll be writing about here in length along with Banaue.

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Transit: Going to Genting Highlands Malaysia

Genting Highlands Skyway

The day after our Malacca visit, we head out to the Kuala Lumpur LRT Station on our way to Genting Highlands. We could use the Van to go there but Marie wanted us to try riding the LRT to the last station heading there which is Terminal Putra to get a feel of what it’s like to use the public transportation. While I’m a bit familiar with the Light Railway System in Kuala Lumpur, I’m excited to see what I could learn more.

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Manila: Philippine National Railway’s Old and New

Philippine National Railways

I have been fascinated with our Philippine National Railway (PNR) but never really got the chance to jump in on the train and ride it. I got a thing for trains and I was able to ride a few trains on other countries. There’s just this different joy when riding a train for travel. I was really hoping that the PNR would be revived and alas it has recently been re-opened with brand new trains. So one weekend morning we decided to just ride the new PNR and see what has changed.

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Transit: The VIP Bus Ride to Luang Prabang

Transit- VIP Bus ride to Luang Prabang

I was swatting mosquitoes while sitting on the Northern Bus Station in Vientiane. It was 7:30pm, 30 minutes before my boarding time and I started applying a mosquito cream lotion on my exposed skin. There were several buses online and I wondered which one would be the VIP bus I would be taking. I saw other foreigners starting to move on to the last bus on the right. Yep it was our bus, “Luang Prabang” as the sign says. I placed my large pack at the lower storage and hopped in.

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