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Myanmar Visa Application for Filipinos and Trip Preparation

Myanmar trip memorabilia
Myanmar trip memorabilia

(Update December 11, 2013) Philippines and Myanmar recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) allowing VISA-free entry for Filipinos for up to 14 days. Executive order 408 also allows Myanmar nationals to enter the Philippines without VISA for 30 days.

(Updated September 7, 2012) Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been on my eyes for several years now as I’ve heard a lot of good things about the country. The numerous temples as far as the eyes can see on the horizon in Bagan, the tranquil scenes of Inle Lake and the Grandeur of Shwedagon Pagoda has much been written in books. But even as a member of the ASEAN group of countries, Myanmar isn’t as easy to visit like its neighbours due to its political isolation. A visit to Myanmar requires careful planning, some legal requirements and more importantly, some moral decisions. Sharing here some tips on my preparation. But one thing I can certainly say is that Myanmar is changing in a rapid pace and some information I researched beforehand were already outdated even if they were only a year or a few months ago so the info here may also change in a few months.