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Biking in Batanes | From Tukon Hills to Valugan Beach then Vayang Rolling Hills Bike Trek

Tukon hills biking
View of Mt Iraya while biking Tukon Hills

“Adjust your seat higher. It would help.” Our bike-tour guide Rene told me as he saw me struggle on our uphill ride towards our last stop for the day, the Vayang Rolling Hills. With my armpit at level with my bike saddle, I stretched my arm towards the crank center to determine the proper height for my saddle. I adjusted my saddle accordingly to let my legs fully extend on pedal. We continued our ride and I felt more at ease to somehow find my right cadence. Wow! They could have told me this earlier when we were trekking from Tukon Hills to Valugan Boulder beach. As we near the day’s end of our bike trek in Batan Island, I thought biking in Batanes is the most fun I had on the island on wheels.

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Batanes: Fundacion Pacita Abad

Fundacion Pacita Vertical

Fundacion Pacita Abad at Tukon’s Windswept Hill

One of the places I missed last time I went to Batanes was the Fundacion Pacita Abad in Tukon Hills. So after our half day stay in Sabtang Island, I asked our guide Mang Roger to take us to Pacita Abad’s place in Tukon. Tukon is one of the elevated portions of Batan Island where you can actually have a good view of the surrounding landscapes of Batan Island as well as both the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. So those who still have enough energy to tour ventured this hill, which became one of my favorite places in Batanes.

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