BlueWater Day Spa Opens Their 6th Branch in Ortigas

Spa Theater

Work travels can be taxing and my regular yoga teaching demands a lot of my body. As a bodyworker, I practice self-care and take time to pamper myself as well. Spas is a common place to ease those tense muscles. It’s nice to know there’s a new Bluewater Day Spa in Ortigas, quite accessible to my place. I’ve tried their services before and can attest to their quality and consistency.

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Suan Sati: Living the Yoga Lifestyle in Chiang Mai

Suan sati in Chiang Mai

It is one of those trips when photography takes a back seat. I visited Chiang Mai to pursue my other interest – Yoga. I had been practicing yoga for more than two years and I was keen in joining a yoga retreat which I haven’t done yet. My bucket list is to maybe hop on one of those Jet Airways flight to world’s yoga capital, India. But my time allowed me only a week out so I stayed in Thailand. I was heading to Suan Sati, a yoga retreat place I found 40-minutes away from Chiang Mai. Here, I spent 4 days and 3 nights of twice daily yoga, daily meditation, healthy meals, permaculture environment and good vibe community.

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