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My Boracay Bike Loop Adventure

Boracay, with its stunning white beaches, had always been a familiar destination for me. However, on my recent trip to this tropical paradise with my fellow yoga teachers, I was eager to see how the island had transformed after its rehabilitation. This adventure also presented a unique opportunity for me to embark on a Boracay bike loop, something I had longed to experience.

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Pampanga: Candaba Wetlands and the Vanishing Bird Sanctuary

Candaba Birds in Flight
Candaba Wetlands Birds in Flight

There’s what we call the Great Migration, in which living beings move from one place to another to survive and we humans are no exception to this chain. When our habitat condition is deemed unliveable we move to a new location. A perfect example of this of course is the migratory birds that fly endlessly around the world and live temporarily on environments favourable to them. The Philippines, particularly the Candaba Wetlands in Pampanga has been an annual host to these birds

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