Travel Mindanao | The Philippine Eagle Center Up Close with the Monkey-eating Eagle

The iconic Philippine Eagle or the Monkey-eating eagle is the country’s national bird. I have seen and heard much of this mighty flyer in many photos already but never I have seen one of the largest eagle in the world (in terms of length) still in existence, up close. The Philippine Eagle is critically endangered with only about 500 remaining in the country, that’s why it saddens me whenever I read news of one dying either naturally or mistakenly shot in the wild. While staying at Marco Polo Davao, we were able to visit the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) in Malagos District, Davao City home of about 36 Philippine Eagle.

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Pampanga: Candaba Wetlands and the Vanishing Bird Sanctuary

There’s what we call the Great Migration, in which living beings move from one place to another to survive and we humans are no exception to this chain. When our habitat condition is deemed unliveable we move to a new location. A perfect example of this of course is the migratory birds that fly endlessly around the world and live temporarily on environments favourable to them. The Philippines, particularly the Candaba Wetlands in Pampanga has been an annual host to these birds

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Bohol: Of Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Loboc River Cruise

Bohol Of Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Loboc River Cruise

It’s a funny thing since I’ve been to Bohol several times but I never got to see the Chocolate Hills from that famous view deck in Carmen, Bohol. So l let myself be a tourist for the day. Joining in a bus load of media people who hosted and participated on the Survivor Challenge and get led like a flock of sheep around some of Bohol’s touristy side.

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Mindoro: Getting Up Close to the Rare Philippine Tamaraw

Tamaraw Gene Pool Cute

I enjoyed a night of rest at Villa Paulina Resort and glad I didn’t have to wake up too early on my second day in Mindoro. This time we’re going into the mainland up towards the north western part of San Jose to get up close to see the rare Philippine Tamaraws. The Tamaraws are endangered species of buffalo, scientifically known as bubalis mindorensis. They can only be found in the Philippines and endemic to Mindoro Island. It’s gonna be an exciting day. My service from Villa Paulina drove me early at 7am to another resort, Sikatuna where I’ll have breakfast and meet my companions for this trip.

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