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Batanes: Sabtang Island Backpack Photography Workshop June 2010 Day 2

Sabtang Nakabuang Group Hug
Sabtang Nakabuang Group Hug

There were rain showers early morning before the sunrise, just as I was told. But I caught a glimpse of the full moon and the early morning light rays off the slopes of Mount Iraya through my room window. It is gonna be another great day I say. The group woke up early so we could catch the boat to Sabtang Island. Half an hour past 5, we dragged our sleepy heads to our jeep and rolled of to the port of San Vicente.

Batanes Batanes Events Philippines Projects Travel

Batanes: Backpack Photography Workshop June 2010 Day 1

Viang Rolling Hills Shoot

Shooting at Viang’s Rolling Hills on Day 1

“Batanes in June!? You gotta be kidding? You might get stranded when a storm comes.” Was some of the common reactions I get when I say we’ll be holding a Travel and Outdoor Workshop at the end of June. I couldn’t blame them since Batanes do have a reputation as a stormy region but that was true a few years ago. These last couple of years we noticed the change in weather patterns. Even Ivatan locals there say “Official storm season now starts sometime October” So early morning 24th of June, 2010. I along with 16 other people flew from Manila, braving whatever weather yet  eager to set foot on the northern-most region of the Philippines – Batanes.

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Backpack Photography 101 Banaue Workshop Gallery

Backpack Banaue Workshop Gallery

Banaue Photography Workshop Participants Gallery

It’s time for me to step back this time and give the photographic spotlight to the participants of the first Backpack Photography Banaue 101 Workshop. The Photography Workshop designed for beginners and starting into photography was held last March 19-21, 2010 at the highlands of Banaue, Ifugao province. It was three days of unexpected fun and cultural immersion. Lagalog and I were more than pleased when we saw the outputs of the participants during the photo critique session. So here are 2 of my choices from each of the participant’s favorite sets.

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Backpack Photography Banaue Workshop Experience

Backpack Photograpy Workshop Baang Hapao

Backpack Photography Workshop in Banaue

My good friend Oggie of and I were conceptualizing for some time on how a photography workshop would be set apart from the numerous workshops being offered right now. One, we don’t want to have the usual classroom setting. We want participants to be out there on the field where most of the photography would happen and learn on the spot. Second, we want the participants to experience the place and the culture. Getting postcard pretty pictures is one thing but getting good pictures with relevance is another. So Backpack Photography Workshop is born sharing our style of shooting.

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Backpack Photography Batanes, Banaue, Palawan Workshops

Backpack Photography Banaue, Batanes, Palawan

Backpack Photography Banaue, Batanes and Palawan

Happy New Year Everyone! Enter 2010! And to start of this year’s post, I’d like to congratulate Andrea for winning the Nat Geo Notebook, Moleskine and Mango Mag pack and an Php 8000 worth slot on the Banaue Workshop. I asked a couple of judges to help me out (since I have a hard time choosing myself) and Andrea’s comment stood out as she’s an avid reader and have utilized the site well on her Batanes trip. And also we’re introducing the Backpack Photography Workshops for the first half of the year. We got exciting destinations like Batanes, Banaue and Coron Palawan. Read on to find out more.

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