To blog… or not to blog…

I am actually torn as to wether I should add a blog in my site or not. For one, a weblog is like an open diary where people can just read out your thoughts in the open, another some blogs are just a bunch of made up lies people concoct to make it appear that they do have a wonderful eventful life. Well lastly, who reads blogs anyway? People who’s got nothing much to do than to read on other people’s life.

But then again I could also site some personal benefits a blog have. I thought of it as a mental hygeine therapy for my almost psychotic mind. “Mental what?”,you may ask. It’s sort of a mental flush to clear up some thoughts in my head. Sometimes it’s just good to let all those not so good out into the web void

No this ain’t gonna be an “angsty-pantsy-blog-to-be” but also an insight into my personal not-so-exciting-life. Some news, reviews or anything under the sun that I could talk about. Please do browse through the site, there may be something that may interest you even though there’s only one link active for now. But I do promise you that InMotion has a lot of materials to keep you occupied until I finish the other sections.