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Six Days Five Nights Panahon sa Taiwan Chronicles

Taiwan is probably one of our closest neighboring country. It’s only 218km away from our farthest islands of Batanes. It’s so close I even saw the island when I was in Itbayat on a clear sky morning. It was with excitement I had a chance to explore Taiwan through Taiwan Tourism Board for their campaign Panahon sa Taiwan. Recently, Taiwan recently extended its VISA-Free visit for Filipinos allowing us to enjoy this charming country again. For this trip we went to central areas of Taichung and Nantou County, the north mountainscapes of Yangmingshan and of course the main capital of Taipei.

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Taipei Tourist Spots: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Taipei 101 and Ximending

It’s always fun to allow yourself to be touristy at times, especially when new to a destination. And since it’s my first time in Taiwan, I was interested to see the famous spots that makes Taipei distinctive. The significant attractions that iconize and built the country throughout the years. Here’s a visit to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Taipei 101 and Ximending.

Architecture and Structures places of interest Taipei Taiwan

Dadaocheng: Strolling the Lively Old Street of Dihua

After exploring adventure-filled destinations in the outskirts of the main capital, we’re excited to wander finally through Taipei, Taiwan’s metropolitan city. And what better place to start than Dadaocheng, where some of the country’s oldest streets are found. There are more than a 100 year old culture and businesses that still thrive until this day. We had a full afternoon to experience the dazzling array of sights, sounds and even taste as we walk through the lively and charming Dihua street.

places of interest Taipei Taiwan

4 Places To Visit at Yangmingshan National Park on a Day Trip

With only an hour’s drive from Taipei, Yangmingshan is one of the favorite getaways from the city, especially during summer time. Yangmingshan National Park is one of the nine national parks in Taiwan. It is the only national park in Taiwan that has a volcanic geography and hot springs. The elevation may be low at 200-1100 meters above sea level but is endowed with magnificent landscape, breathtaking valleys, scenic hills, waterfalls and hot springs. If one does not have much time to go around for adventurous hikes, these places below can be enough to fill your Yangmingshan experience for a day or two.

Luxury Stay New Taipei City Stay Taiwan

Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort and Spa: Soothing Hot Springs and Cool Clime

Tucked at the highlands of Northern Taiwan, Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort and Spa offers a luxurious stay while enjoying top-notch outdoor hot springs, pools, spa facilities and refreshing mountain views.

From one cool location to another. Coming from the serene Sun Moon Lake, we took a speed train to Taipei, then transferred to our all-familiar tour coaster up to the slopes of Yamingshan north of Taiwan. With elevations up to 1,120 meters above sea level and and just an hour’s drive from Taipei city, Yamingshan is a popular national park for people to enjoy cold weather, lush environment, natural wonders and hot springs. So fitting that our home for the night is the Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort and Spa, a favorite destination to enjoy Japanese style indoor and outdoor hot springs in the Jinshan District.

Adventure Bike Touring Lakes Nantou County Taiwan

A Short Scenic Bike Ride Along Sun Moon Lake

CNN listed the bikeways at Sun Moon Lake as one of the “10 Cycling Routes in the world that will take your breath away”. I get to find out for myself if this isn’t just a hype. During our luxury stay at Fleur de Chine, I made sure to wake up early and maximize my morning by the lake. We have a biking activity in the morning but there were still hours to spare for quick morning stroll. After seeing the star studded sky, placid lake and mountain gradients from my room balcony I was just too eager to get close to the lake.

Luxury Stay Nantou County Stay Taiwan

Stay | Fleur De Chine: 5-Star Elegance at Sun Moon Lake

As beautiful and serene Sun Moon Lake is, a fitting complement on a visit here is a luxurious stay at Fleur De Chine. A 5-star resort at the northern shores of Sun Moon Lake. Home of the first ever hotel built on the site in 1975 under a different name. After a major Taiwan earthquake in 1999 where the original hotel crumbled, the hotel was reborn as “Fleur de Chine (Flower of China)”. Along with the renovation is a discovery of a natural hot-spring in the area. A high quality “sodium bicarbonate” hot spring which is colorless, odorless and potable. It became the spring board attraction of the hotel aside from its key location views of Sun Moon Lake.

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