Feature Ifugao Treks

Mayoyao Rice Terraces: Trekking the Terraces and Sunrise Splendor

The Ifugao Province is blessed with a culturally rich landscape, boasting five clusters of rice terraces inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1995 as Living Cultural Landscapes. These include the Batad and Baangaan Terraces in Banaue, the Mayoyao Rice Terraces, the Hungduan Rice Terraces, and the Nagacadan Rice Terraces in Kiangan. Among these, the Mayoyao Rice Terraces stand out for their exceptional preservation, owing to their remote location, resulting in minimal tourist activity and thus, reduced environmental impact. My long-awaited journey to Mayoyao was made possible thanks to the Tourism Promotions Board, as we joined their Community-Based Tourism workshops in Mayoyao.

Architecture and Structures Masbate

Faro de Isla Jintotolo: The Jintotolo Lighthouse of Masbate

Among the provinces in the Bicol Region, Masbate province remained unexplored territory for me until recently. Its remoteness and raw beauty are part of its allure. I had previously visited the Burias Islands and Ticao, and this time, I set my sights on the larger Masbate Island, starting my journey from the southwestern tip of Balud, home to the Jintotolo Lighthouse, a lone sentinel watching over the Sibuyan Seas.

Architecture and Structures Batangas Bike Touring

Biking to Cape Santiago Lighthouse in Calatagan, Batangas

Calatagan’s beach has always been the primary reason for my visits to this charming part of Batangas. The picturesque white sands and breathtaking views have lured me back to Stilts Calatagan several times. During my recent trip with family and friends, I decided to bring my folding bike to explore the nearby areas, including the century-old Spanish lighthouse, Cape Santiago, or Faro de Cabo Santiago – one of the well-preserved remnants of Spanish architecture in the country.

Architecture and Structures Capiz

Capiz: Places of Faith and Worship

For a time, the province of Capiz, located on the northeastern island of Panay in Western Visayas, had a reputation for being a land of Aswangs (shape-shifting evil mythical creatures). This notion can be traced back to several historical events. One such event was the outbreak of dystonia disease that afflicted several residents in the province. Another was the use of the myth of Aswang to scare off Japanese soldiers during the war. These days, however, the province has chosen to spotlight its abundant seafood, earning it the moniker “Seafood Capital of the Philippines.”

Ilocos Sur Travel

What’s New in Vigan this 2023?

The heritage city of Vigan in Ilocos Sur has long established itself as one of the tourist draws of Region 1. A visit here is like a glimpse back in time as one walks through well-preserved colonial houses and cobblestone streets. This characteristic alone earned the city a listing under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. But for someone like me, who has been here several times already, I’m always on the lookout for new things to do in the city. Luckily, new establishments and initiatives by the local government have kept things interesting for return visitors.

Bike Touring Marinduque Travel

Gasan: A Bicycle Ride to Haynon Hills

As I wake up at the Balar Hotel and Spa in Boac, I feel excited about the second day of our Marinduque Cycling Challenge. The hotel’s comfy bed and linens have always left me fully rested, making it a perfect home base for our Marinduque adventure.

My anticipation is momentarily dampened when I discover my bike’s rear tire is flat. Thankfully, the Darling’s electronic air pump comes to the rescue, but I know I’ll have to replace the interiors soon. Undeterred, we set off early, heading south to Gasan and Buenavista.

Bike Touring Marinduque Video

Video: A Bicycle Adventure in Boac

The first part of our Marinduque cycling video series. This part features our arrival in Boac, welcomed with a Putong ceremony and a heritage ride in town with the local biking community.

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