Architecture and Structures Feature Palawan

The Heritage of Culion Town

Leprosy has been eradicated in Culion since the 1980s but the stigma still remains. It didn’t help that World Health Organization (WHO) only declared Culion leprosy-free in 2006. So why not embrace this history of healing of this infectious disease? The structures, the research, the tools and the story of the people who lived while it was a leper colony still remains. Culion town is a witness on how a community persevered and healed.

Basilan Philippines Sightseeing

Things to Do and See in Lamitan: Land of the Yakan

The island of Basilan interestingly has two major cities. There’s Isabela de Basilan, now the center of commerce and trade. Then there’s, Lamitan, the government seat of Basilan province. In 2017, the provincial capital was transferred from Isabela de Basilan to Lamitan City as it is formally part of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). In terms of tourism, one of the main highlight for a visit in this city is to learn more about the Yakan tribe, one of the first original inhabitants of the island of Basilan.


Exploring Old San Juan In A Day

There may be a lot of things you can’t find in Old San Juan–world-class hotels and beaches. But what it lacks, it makes up for a whole lot more. This colorful city has so much to offer that any tourist would surely regret not taking the time to roam around and take as many photos as they can. If you’re up for some culturally and historically rich adventure, look no further because Old San Juan is more than what you need.

Although it’s ideal to explore the city generously time-wise, it’s possible to tour around its richness and vast culture in just a day. Just a gentle warning, though. You’ve got to pack a good amount of energy and a fully-charged camera and phone if you want your day to end up perfectly as you’d hope for it to be.


Uttar Pradesh – A Gateway to the Mystical, Spiritual, and Spectacular Sights of India

If you’re in the Middle East and would want to go on a holiday someplace that mixes the spiritual with the physical, the cultural with the gustatory, maybe you’d want to consider heading off to mystical India. And if we’re talking about India, then why not make it Uttar Pradesh? The state is a heady mix of the holy and the storied, a special place where Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, and the Buddha were said to have walked the earth. It’s also a great jump-off point for the different sights and attractions that draw visitors, pilgrims and tourists alike, from all over the world. And with affordable, inexpensive prices for a Dubai to Lucknow flight ticket, the proposition to visit becomes even more enticing and attractive indeed.

places of interest Travel

Real Arabian adventures for the intrepid traveler

Beyond the sleek urban high-rises, ultra-modern shopping malls, and the cosmopolitan attractions of its capital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia can be an intrepid explorer’s destination if one is willing put in the effort and look beyond the sand and dunes stereotype.  The opportunity to discover storied places, some dating back to ancient times, certainly make visiting Saudi Arabia as a traveler out for a real, honest-to-goodness adventure, a worthwhile thing to pursue.  That there are inexpensive Riyadh to Manila flights ticket available sweetens the pursuit all the more.

Capiz Rivers Road Trip

An Afternoon Drive Through Capiz

After enjoying a day at Isla de Gigantes, our third day in our Panay island loop is spent in transit to Antique. On the way, we’ll stop by Capiz first for an afternoon of sightseeing. Quite excited as it was my first time visiting this province. Known as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, I was looking forward to try to some delicious seafood dishes. Capiz also home to some fascinating heritage. From Carles, Iloilo, it’s roughly 1.5-2 hours drive to Roxas city, the provincial capitol. With the various conditions on the road it would be handy to have an auto insurance while traveling, get an advice from for that peace of mind while on a road-trip.

Malaysia Penang Sightseeing

Charm of Old George Town and Street Art Spice

The gorgeous colonial city of George Town consists of more than 12,000 old buildings and structures of varying Asian and European influences. From Charming shophouses, jetties and temples, colourful Indian temples, Muslim Mosque and British colonial government offices earning its place under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 2008. It’s a real delight to stroll around the city and feel being transported back in the old world of Penang. In 2012, Penang municipality decided to breath life into this old walls by incorporating street art into public spaces. While I love street art, done wrong can make the place messy. But seems like George Town found just the right artist for the job.

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