Megastructures of the north

Bangui Windmills

This would be the last entry for Northern Luzon adventure and would be a perfect climax for the series. When going to Pagudpod, you’ll never miss these spectacular windmills left-side of your view. It’s one of the most amazing view you’ll see up there on the north. When at the beach of Pagudpud you’ll still be able to see these afar.

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Back to the roots in Manila

Gah, I’m getting a bit slow lately in blogging since the year started. I guess I’ve just got to many things to do and too many questions in my mind, like “Why does the wolf’s howl doesn’t echo in the mountains?” or “How does a malayan snake viper senses heat to attacks it’s prey?”. What?! I guess I’ve been watching too much “National Geographic” and “Animal Planet” during breakfast lately.

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