Mayoyao Rice Terraces: Trekking the Terraces and Sunrise Splendor

Mayoyao Rice Terraces

The Ifugao Province is blessed with a culturally rich landscape, boasting five clusters of rice terraces inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1995 as Living Cultural Landscapes. These include the Batad and Baangaan Terraces in Banaue, the Mayoyao Rice Terraces, the Hungduan Rice Terraces, and the Nagacadan Rice Terraces in Kiangan. Among these, the Mayoyao Rice Terraces stand out for their exceptional preservation, owing to their remote location, resulting in minimal tourist activity and thus, reduced environmental impact. My long-awaited journey to Mayoyao was made possible thanks to the Tourism Promotions Board, as we joined their Community-Based Tourism workshops in Mayoyao.

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What’s New in Vigan this 2023?

Calesa ride in Vigan

The heritage city of Vigan in Ilocos Sur has long established itself as one of the tourist draws of Region 1. A visit here is like a glimpse back in time as one walks through well-preserved colonial houses and cobblestone streets. This characteristic alone earned the city a listing under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. But for someone like me, who has been here several times already, I’m always on the lookout for new things to do in the city. Luckily, new establishments and initiatives by the local government have kept things interesting for return visitors.

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Exploring Old San Juan In A Day

Collage of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico

There may be a lot of things you can’t find in Old San Juan–world-class hotels and beaches. But what it lacks, it makes up for a whole lot more. This colorful city has so much to offer that any tourist would surely regret not taking the time to roam around and take as many photos as they can. If you’re up for some culturally and historically rich adventure, look no further because Old San Juan is more than what you need.

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Real Arabian adventures for the intrepid traveler

Tuwaiq Escarpment

Beyond the sleek urban high-rises, ultra-modern shopping malls, and the cosmopolitan attractions of its capital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia can be an intrepid explorer’s destination if one is willing put in the effort and look beyond the sand and dunes stereotype.  The opportunity to discover storied places, some dating back to ancient times, certainly make visiting Saudi Arabia as a traveler out for a real, honest-to-goodness adventure, a worthwhile thing to pursue.  That there are inexpensive Riyadh to Manila flights ticket available sweetens the pursuit all the more.

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Clearwater Cave: Asia’s Longest Cave System

Crossing one of the bridges at the Clearwater Cave

Coming from Cave of the Winds, we had very short boat ride to our last cave visit – the Clearwater Cave. On the boat ride to the cave, I noticed the plank walk hanging by the rock walls leading to the cave. It looks fragile but walkable. I’m sure it would be fun to take that trail if we had more time. The boat was faster as we arrived soon at the scenic picnic area before clearwater cave. The colorful longboats gather by the riverbanks as the boatmen await each of their guests. We’re excited to explore Asia’s longest cave …

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Upriver to the Cave of the Winds

Columns at Cave of the Winds

Our adventure in Sarawak continues. In our first day in Gunung Mulu National Park, we were able to visit two of the four show caves in the park. The massive Deer Cave and the small yet impressive jellyfish-like rock formations at Lang Cave. This time we rode a boat at Melinau river to reach our first cave for the day, Cave of the Winds. But before that, we took a quick side-trip at a Penan Settlement to get a glimpse of the life of an endangered ethnic tribe.

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Gunung Mulu National Park: Deer Cave, 2nd Largest Cave Chamber in the World

Entering the massive Deer Cave

Just adjacent to Lang Cave is Deer Cave. Used to be the largest cave passage in the world before Hang Dong Soon in Vietnam was discovered in 2009. Though facts are still being disputed at this time, Deer Cave is still ostentatious due to its massive size. Deer Cave extends 2 kilometers in length. The southern passage rises 125 meters high passage and has a width of 169 meters. The partially lit entrance chamber is 146 meters high. Capacious enough for 40 Boeing 747 aircraft to fit in. Just the thought of it is mind-blowing enough.

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