Upriver to the Cave of the Winds

Columns at Cave of the Winds

Our adventure in Sarawak continues. In our first day in Gunung Mulu National Park, we were able to visit two of the four show caves in the park. The massive Deer Cave and the small yet impressive jellyfish-like rock formations at Lang Cave. This time we rode a boat at Melinau river to reach our first cave for the day, Cave of the Winds. But before that, we took a quick side-trip at a Penan Settlement to get a glimpse of the life of an endangered ethnic tribe.

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Tayangban Cave | Spelunking and Swim at Siargao’s Sinkhole

One of the cave openings at Tayangban Cave

Siargao may be known as one of the country’s main surfing haven, but for a casual to non-surfer like me, I’m more interested on what other places I can visit on this island. I dedicated a day for exploring Siargao by road and hired a habal-habal to take me around. Upon checking out of Buddha’s Surf Resort, I transferred to another hotel near Dapa port so I can be early next day for the boat to Socorro. Left my other bags and immediately started for our first destination – the Tayangban Cave in Pilar. I really have no idea what the cave features are which made it more exciting.

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Quirino | Aglipay Cave: Where Getting Down and Dirty is Part of the Fun

If this is how it feels to crawl out of a womb, I can clearly understand why babies cry out once their out in the open – its a cry of relief after squirming through a hole that can barely fit a person of average size there. We were at the second chamber of Aglipay Caves in Quirino Province, about half-way through our adventure in a network of chambers that let us squeeze through crack entrances, do duck-walks on low ceiling passages and negotiate slick and muddy trails in pitch black environs. But hey we’re not complaining, aren’t we here for the thrill?

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Travel Mindanao | Blue Water Cave: Adventures in Quezon Bukidnon

Exactly 15 days already when I started my adventures in Mindanao. That’s more than halfway already from our #TravelMindanao project of showcasing the best of Mindanao and entice people to travel to the region. The slew of activities continue and our adventure starts again in Quezon, Bukidnon. Shugah of Wandershugah fetched us at Dream Haven in Valencia then took a Van down south for Quezon Bukidnon. Our first object? Explore the Blue Water Cave.

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Cagayan: Callao Man Pushing Filipino History Further in Penablanca

It was a choice whether we’ll go back to Manila the same route which is through Laoag or do a horse-shoe route and have a side-trip in Tuguegarao instead. While I’ve been to Tuguegarao several times already in the past years, our friend Erick hasn’t been there and it’s been five years since Og last visit in the area. So the group decided it would be real interesting to go through Tuguegarao instead and stay there for the night before finally heading back to Manila.

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