Stay | Apsaras Tribe Siargao

Star trail night at Apsaras Tribe Resort

Hearing the word apsaras readily reminded me of the elegant female figures carved at the Khmer temples in Cambodia. Generally, apsaras are celestial maidens represented in different interpretations depending of the places. As for Apsaras Tribe Siargao, this is the newest seaside hotel in the surfing capital of the country. An appealing container-type style accommodation with direct view of the Pacific Seas.

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Video | Siargao Pilots Juan Effect: CEB’s Sustainable Tourism Program

Juan Effect Siargao

Realizing the expansion of tourism and accessibility for everyone to freely fly, it’s not enough for Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) to just carry people from one destination to another. CEB aims to lessen the impact of tourist arrivals through its sustainable program called Juan Effect launched in August 2018. By partnering with government and local stakeholders Juan Effect contributes and raises environmental awareness to local communities and tourist in local destinations. Piloting the program is fast emerging tourist destination, Siargao.

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Siargao Taktak Falls and Magpupungko Rock Pools

Magpupungko Rock Pools aerial view

My road trip around Siargao continues after that fun spelunking at Tayangban Cave. I didn’t bother to change to dry clothes as I knew, the hour-long trip to Sta Monica, north of Siargao is enough to air me dry. It was a scenic ride passing by the beaches of San Isidro. Our stop was Taktak Falls, the only known waterfalls on the island. Then later head south again to cap the afternoon at Magpupungko Rock Pools.

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Tayangban Cave | Spelunking and Swim at Siargao’s Sinkhole

One of the cave openings at Tayangban Cave

Siargao may be known as one of the country’s main surfing haven, but for a casual to non-surfer like me, I’m more interested on what other places I can visit on this island. I dedicated a day for exploring Siargao by road and hired a habal-habal to take me around. Upon checking out of Buddha’s Surf Resort, I transferred to another hotel near Dapa port so I can be early next day for the boat to Socorro. Left my other bags and immediately started for our first destination – the Tayangban Cave in Pilar. I really have no idea what the cave features are which made it more exciting.

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Stay | Buddha’s Surf Resort Siargao

Hanging out at the hammock at Buddha's Surf Resort

What does Buddha do on his spare time? He surfs! Well that’s what the owners of Buddha’s Surf Resort in Siargao thinks. It’s just amusing to see a figure of Buddha lifting a surfboard when I arrived at the resort. Located right smack between the famous Cloud 9 surf spot and the bustling General Luna, Buddha’s Surf Resort is one of the pioneer establishment in Siargao that has long catered to visitors of the island.

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Bucas Grande | The Giant Mangroves of San Roque

The San Roque Giant Mangrove boardwalk

I was planning to go back early to Siargao but decided to take it easy. Spent the morning at the Puting Bato beach and enjoyed some down time at Sohoton Bay Resort. Before making my way back to Siargao, Sir Ed suggested we visit one of the attractions that was to open this April 2018 – the Giant Mangroves of San Roque. These rainforest of the sea have always fascinated me. They are one of the indication how healthy the environment is so I try to see them when there is one in the area.

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Bucas Grande | Sohoton Cove: Raw and Beguiling

An overview of a portion of Sohoton Cove

This is one of the places where you had to know the right time to visit. Access to Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande is only during low tide. Coming from Tundan Cave, we went back to Sohoton Bay Resort for a short lunch break before returning for the cove in the early afternoon. I was already impressed with what I’ve seen of Bucas Grande in general. The low round karst hills and islets reminds me of chocolate hills but this one over the majestic Palawan blue waters. That’s until we passed through the 40-meter low cave and entered the world of Sohoton Cove.

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