Bucas Grande | The Giant Mangroves of San Roque

The San Roque Giant Mangrove boardwalk

I was planning to go back early to Siargao but decided to take it easy. Spent the morning at the Puting Bato beach and enjoyed some down time at Sohoton Bay Resort. Before making my way back to Siargao, Sir Ed suggested we visit one of the attractions that was to open this April 2018 – the Giant Mangroves of San Roque. These rainforest of the sea have always fascinated me. They are one of the indication how healthy the environment is so I try to see them when there is one in the area.

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Bucas Grande | Sohoton Cove: Raw and Beguiling

An overview of a portion of Sohoton Cove

This is one of the places where you had to know the right time to visit. Access to Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande is only during low tide. Coming from Tundan Cave, we went back to Sohoton Bay Resort for a short lunch break before returning for the cove in the early afternoon. I was already impressed with what I’ve seen of Bucas Grande in general. The low round karst hills and islets reminds me of chocolate hills but this one over the majestic Palawan blue waters. That’s until we passed through the 40-meter low cave and entered the world of Sohoton Cove.

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Bucas Grande | Sparkling Splendor of Tundan Cave

Captivating set of pillars at Tundan Cave

Just a short boat ride from Tiktikan Lagoon are three caves open for exploration. The popular Crystal Cave and Bolitas Cave are easy and accessible which are often visited by tourist. The third cave, Tundan Cave sees less visitors as it is longer and requires an extra fee for exploration. Since I have only limited time to explore I picked what the guides considered the best among them, Tundan Cave. It may be more than half a kilometer long but the cave formations are remarkable.

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Bucas Grande | Tiktikan Lagoon: A Spot to Unwind

The wooden pier at Tiktikan Lagoon

Just checking in at Sohoton Bay Resort was already a preview of what Bucas Grande Island holds. This municipality has often been overshadowed by the nearby island of Siargao. There are even day tours from Siargao for Sohoton Cove and their stingless jellyfish which people often mistake as being part of their municipality. But Bucas Grande is a destination of its own. My tour starts at Tiktikan Lagoon (also referred to as the Tiktikan Lake), a serene body of water concealed within Sohoton Cove.

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Sohoton Bay Resort | Rustic and Serene Beach Cove at Bucas Grande

Approaching Sohoton Bay Resort

A one hour ferry ride from Dapa, Siargao to Socorro Port in a jam-packed boat. A half-hour tricycle ride cutting through the bucolic landscape of Bucas Grande. Then a thrilling half hour boat ride from Barangay Sta Cruz on a small boat to Sohoton Bay. A transit that slowly swelled my excitement for visiting this emerging gem of a destination in Surigao del Norte. And my abode is at Sohoton Bay Resort. A lovely quiet cove just a stone’s throw away to the wonders of Sohoton Cove.

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