Malaysia Mid-range Stay Sarawak Stay

Kuching Stay | Riverside Majestic Astana Wing

A five-star and 272-room property, Riverside Majestic Astana Wing sits at the heart of Kuching City overlooking the winding Sarawak river. Conveniently located across the waterfront and walking distance to a lot of attractions in the city. It was a perfect home base for us as we cover the Kuching Jazz Festival in 2019.

Luxury Stay Malaysia Sarawak Stay

Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa: Luxury Amidst Borneo Rainforest

We were riding a modified pick-up truck to take us to our home in Gunung Mulu National Park, the Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa. The painted sceneries of caves, forest, hornbills and more wrapping the truck got me excited on the things we may experience during our stay in this UNESCO world heritage inscribed site. It’s not easy going to this part of Sarawak, Malaysia. On air, only MASwings flies direct from either Kuching or Miri. The long arduous way is by road, boat and a little hike. And what better way to compliment a stay in this nature reserve? Be amidst Borneo’s rainforest.


RedDoorz Premium Near Greenbelt: Convenient Stay in the Heart of Makati

RedDoorz had an interesting story on how it started in Indonesia. It came from a need to find convenient stays around the city if traffic was a standstill and people couldn’t go home. Offering an affordable stay option nearby for the night instead of lingering aimlessly in the street was needed. Hence, RedDoorz concept was born. A tech-based company utilizing an app to search for partner properties nearby or a specific destination. Much like Uber or Grab users get to choose the level of quality from Basic, Plus and Premium. Recently I had the chance to try RedDoorz Premium near Greenbelt as I was conveniently looking for a place at the heart of Makati. I was taking a two-day weekend workshop and just wanted to stay nearby .

Luxury Stay New Taipei City Stay Taiwan

Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort and Spa: Soothing Hot Springs and Cool Clime

Tucked at the highlands of Northern Taiwan, Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort and Spa offers a luxurious stay while enjoying top-notch outdoor hot springs, pools, spa facilities and refreshing mountain views.

From one cool location to another. Coming from the serene Sun Moon Lake, we took a speed train to Taipei, then transferred to our all-familiar tour coaster up to the slopes of Yamingshan north of Taiwan. With elevations up to 1,120 meters above sea level and and just an hour’s drive from Taipei city, Yamingshan is a popular national park for people to enjoy cold weather, lush environment, natural wonders and hot springs. So fitting that our home for the night is the Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort and Spa, a favorite destination to enjoy Japanese style indoor and outdoor hot springs in the Jinshan District.

Budget Stay Iloilo Stay

Stay | The New Beach Head Resort in Carles Iloilo

Carles in Northern Iloilo is steadily getting a good stream of tourist nowadays. The municipality, once ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan is now a popular jump-off point for Isla de Gigantes island hopping exploration. If not staying on the islands, Carles is the best area to stay. Coming from the earliest flight from Manila to Iloilo and a 3-4 hours road travel to Carles, I finally made it to my home base for two nights, The New Beach Head Resort. It’s easy to downplay the resort for having only a 1-star rating in booking sites. It is also considered as the “2nd best resort” in the Carles. But it honestly didn’t feel 1-star at all! It felt more than 3-star in terms of comfort and neatness. Not to mention, a beach area where beautiful sunsets abound.

Luxury Stay Stay Surigao del Norte

Stay | Apsaras Tribe Siargao

Hearing the word apsaras readily reminded me of the elegant female figures carved at the Khmer temples in Cambodia. Generally, apsaras are celestial maidens represented in different interpretations depending of the places. As for Apsaras Tribe Siargao, this is the newest seaside hotel in the surfing capital of the country. An appealing container-type style accommodation with direct view of the Pacific Seas.

Luxury Stay Nantou County Stay Taiwan

Stay | Fleur De Chine: 5-Star Elegance at Sun Moon Lake

As beautiful and serene Sun Moon Lake is, a fitting complement on a visit here is a luxurious stay at Fleur De Chine. A 5-star resort at the northern shores of Sun Moon Lake. Home of the first ever hotel built on the site in 1975 under a different name. After a major Taiwan earthquake in 1999 where the original hotel crumbled, the hotel was reborn as “Fleur de Chine (Flower of China)”. Along with the renovation is a discovery of a natural hot-spring in the area. A high quality “sodium bicarbonate” hot spring which is colorless, odorless and potable. It became the spring board attraction of the hotel aside from its key location views of Sun Moon Lake.