Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort: Culion’s Luxury Getaway

Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort in Culion

Culion is a fascinating destination for those who enjoy off-beat natural tourist attractions and rich heritage. This former leper colony in Calamianes island is usually explored by those who go for an extended stay in Coron. But it doesn’t have to be another option. Sunlight Ecotourism island Resort offers a luxury nature getaway in the region while still keeping close to the heritage now in the running as an internationally recognized documentary heritage for UNESCO.

Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort

The Sunlight Ecotourism island Resort (SETIR) is a resort development on Naglayan island. This 18-hectare island is one of the 41 islands around the main island of Culion. SETIR is sandwiched between two larger islands of Marily island northwest and Chindonan island southeast.

Arrival at SETIR
Speedboat to SETIR
About a 1-hour speed boat ride from Coron

From the Sunlight Guest Hotel in Coron, Palawan, travel time via speedboat took roughly an hour. We were supposed to stay on the island for a couple of days but Typhoon Odette had other plans so it was shortened to a night. We’re still fortunate enough to enjoy the island for a night.

View of both beaches and the infinity pool of the island resort.
View of both beaches and the infinity pool of the island resort.
Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort
The port and western Villas
The premium villas at Sirakan
The premium villas at Sirakan


We were excited to see the white sand beach, the low verdant hills and water villas extending over the seas. After a refreshing iced lemongrass tea welcome drink, we were briefly toured on the island on their buggy.

SETIR Infinity Pool Sunset
Sunset by the infinity pool
Moonrise at SETIR and Luna Bar
Luna Bar and the moonrise

The resort has a paved road circumnavigating the whole island. Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort has three main beaches. The one near the port where we docked is the sunset beach. The beach was white and fine. The area is also their designated snorkeling area. The other side is also a white beach for the moonrise and sunrise. It has the scenic Luna bar. Names as such because the moon (lunar) rises behind it. The other smaller beach is not ideal for swimming and is used for events and has the KidStation playground for kids.

Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort

At the center of the island and between both beaches is the infinity pool. Heading south we passed by a cluster of water villas on the east leading to the posh villas of Sirakan. Just circling the island leading to the villas on the west.

Biking SETIR
Managed to rent a bike and rode around the island.
Biking SETIR
Hanging out near the Mangrove Bar
Biking SETIR
Bike til sunset

Island Activities

Near the port is the Blue Bay Dive Shop where a lot of the island activities can be booked aside from diving. Bikes, kayaks and snorkeling gears can be rented here. Atop the shop is the Adlaw Cafe. A nice place to watch the sunset while sipping coffee or any drink.

Biking SETIR
At the Sirakan Villas

Aside from the pool, there’s a gym area with a view, Ocean Wave KTV, a bit far off north from the villas so one can belt out as much as he/she likes. The Sanctuary Spa for some pampering. The Sun Cafe is located on top.

SETIR Water Villas at Night
Night at the Water Villas
SETIR Water Villa
The Duplex Villa where I stayed in
SETIR Water Villa
The twin bed room inside the vill

Overwater Villas

I was assigned at one of the rooms at the Duplex Villa. A villa adjoining another room on a set of stilts with a shared veranda. It has two single beds. Nice wooden floors and furnishing. I like the minibar with single-shot spirits. There’s a coffee maker too. The room has a high ceiling. There’s a nice slab of marble at the shower area to avoid slipping. Humidity can slightly dampen/moisten the surfaces though since it’s on seawater so better keep the room closed and airconditioner running.

View of the sunrise from our water villa.
View of the sunrise from our water villa.

Biking Around the Island and more

Since we really have a limited time on the island, why not spending it with one of the things I enjoyed most. Biking! I rented a bike at the Blue Bay Dive Shop. It was a Japanese bike. Not fancy but works. It was a great way to explore the island. It even yielded a lifer for me! Spotted a Common GreenShank near the Sirakan villas. Going around the island was more or less 4.9km. Jumped into the pool after the ride and enjoyed the sunset from there.

SETIR Butterfly Garden
View atop the Butterfly Garden
SETIR Butterfly Garden
Pathway to the Butterfly Garden

The next morning I wanted to do a little birding and decided to spend a little time at the Butterfly Garden before leaving. It was a nice manicured garden. Saw some endemic Ashy-fronted bulbuls there.

Anahaw Cafe
Adlaw Cafe
Tiramisu and chocolate ball

Food and Ambiance

Food generally was good! Enjoyed the shrimp, pata and squid dishes. But more than the food, the ambiance was a winner. I enjoyed Luna bar. Breezy and enjoyed looking at the corals through the clear ocean waters. The sun views at Adlaw and Sun Cafe. And that dinner by the moonlight at the beach.

Sunrise Cafe Breakfast
Breakfast and view at Sun Cafe

Island Experience

The experience was a bit rushed due the the circumstances but understandable. We’re lucky enough to have a “taste” of the Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort Experience. I think it’s enough to yearn for the full course meal though next time. Culion is no longer just an extended option. It’s a destination!

Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort
Barangay Baldat, Culion, Palawan, Philippines 5316
email: [email protected]
mobile: 0917 5214260

SETIR Water Villa