Batangas Islands and Beaches Road Trip Video

A Day Trip at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Traveling to the beach has been rare these days. The pandemic made it more complicated and costly especially if you live in the city. Not to mention the threat of contracting the COVID19 virus in transit. That’s why when I got invited to by group from our yoga community to join for a day trip to Stilts Calatagan, Batangas I decided to join. It would be my second beach trip this year after Coron and couldn’t spend it much better than with people passionate about yoga.

Islands and Beaches Palawan Philippines

Busuanga Island Hopping: Malajon, Debotunay and North Cay Islands

A visit to the Calauit Safari Park is usually packaged with a Busuanga island hopping tour. Since they are basically in the same area, the tour is clumped together to maximize the time spent in Busuanga. With the safari tour completed by noon, our afternoon was spent on the islands of Malajon, Debotunay and North Cay islands. These islands in the west are also part of the Calamianes group of islands. Each island has unique characters of its own.

Islands and Beaches Lakes Palawan

Revisiting Coron in 2021: Coron Island and Town

After 9-10 months since our community quarantine started, destinations have started to slowly and carefully ease up restrictions. To jumpstart our travel industry, major destinations like Boracay, Baguio and Bohol served as a model for safety protocols and procedures for travel. Last December 2020, world-class tourist destination, Palawan opened its doors to outsiders, particularly for those coming from Manila. Coron, Palawan, ushered in welcoming tourist. In company with DOT-MIMAROPA, we were able to experience how it is like to travel safely to Coron, Palawan. An exciting invitation to see how travel has changed during the pandemic. Also to check the state of Coron island’s, beaches and other attractions.

Dinagat Islands Islands and Beaches Philippines

Basilisa Island Hopping at Dinagat Islands

I’m sure there was a time in one of your trips when the weather was all gloom and rain then became bright and sunny when you’re about to leave. That was on repeat on my trip in Dinagat Islands. I was already at the port, about to buy my ferry ticket back to Surigao while feeling regretful seeing the sun out in all its glory. “Sir, pwede natin ituloy yung Basilisa, maganda na panahon (sir, we can continue with our Basilisa, the weather’s better)” the text I suddenly received from one of the boatman I was referred to for island hopping. I mean, I already have my baggage with me. All my stuff are packed in and organized already. Will I still have a chance to go back to Surigao within the day? To heck with this. I took one of the bao-bao (local transport) ride back to Don Ruben port. Let’s go island hopping under the sun!

Dinagat Islands Islands and Beaches Road Trip

Road Trip to Cagdianao, East of Dinagat Islands

Coming from the Divine Master’s Shrine and Islander’s Castle, we continued south, hugging the coast of Dinagat Municipality. In half an hour, we reached the tip of the finger-like westward protrusion of land to find Bijasong Beach. It looked like a nice beach from a picture I saw on a tarp at the inn. After a scenic drive descending a winding road, we found a beach battered by waves brought by the habagat under drab sky. We spent a few minutes at one of the cottages for snacks before continuing southeast for Cagdianao. It looked like the trip was turning bleak as the weather at this point on.

Dinagat Islands Islands and Beaches Philippines Travel

Dinagat Islands: Pangabangan Island and its Blue Lagoon

It was one splashy ride. We’re midway through hour 2-hour journey along Surigao strait for our first island hopping stop in Dinagat Islands, the Pangabangan Island. I knew the weather would be intermittent in a September but my birthday was coming up and I wanted to go to a place I haven’t been before. I’m fascinated about Dinagat Islands after seeing photos from friends who went there. The natural wonders looks raw and beautiful. The province is curiously wrapped in a mysterious culture and religion.

Islands and Beaches Romblon

A Quick Side-trip to Cobrador Island

Aside from Bonbon Beach, the main island of Romblon has some island hopping activities too with its fare share of equally stunning islands and beaches. Since we’re covering the Biniray Festival and Tonton ng Sto Niño that day, we only have the morning to visit one of the three islands at the northwestern side of Romblon island, the Cobrador Island. The island is the farthest of the three and a 45 minute boat ride away from the poblacion.