The Mandayas: People of the Uplands

The Mandayas of Caraga Municipality

At the heart of our visit to the Caraga municipality is the Community-Based Tourism (CBT) project by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), in collaboration with the Mandaya Ethnic Group in the uplands ancestral domain of Sangab, Caraga, Davao Oriental. While exploring Caraga to showcase its natural wonders and attractions, a portion of our group is actively involved with the Mandayas, implementing a “Marketing Enhancement Program” and providing essential “starter-kits” (threads, beads, cotton, etc.), as well as equipment such as sewing machines and back-strap weaving looms.

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5 Beaches to Greet the Sun in Caraga Municipality

Beaches in Caraga Municipality

Have you ever envisioned being among the privileged few to witness the inaugural light of a new day in your country? Nestled in the easternmost reaches of the Philippines, the municipality of Caraga offers a unique opportunity for such an experience. Here, dawn breaks a little earlier than usual, casting its warm glow on a collection of pristine beaches that fringe the expansive Pacific Ocean. What better way to embrace the dawn than by immersing yourself in the tranquil beauty of these five beaches in Caraga?

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Davao Oriental | Dazzling Dahican Beach and Mati City

I like places that surprise me. At times I would go to a destination not knowing what to expect. Yes I would have an idea or two but finding out there’s more when I get there is always exciting. Mati City in Davao Oriental is one of those places that has a surprising development. Typhoon Pablo battered, it has recovered quite well. Aside from the purple bannered buildings that rose from the rubble, its Dahican Beach has been the top draw in the province.

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Mati City | Subangan Museum: Davao Oriental’s Provincial Museum

Much of Mati City in Davao Oriental has been a surprise. I recall the place having been devastated by Typhoon Pablo a couple of years ago but I’m glad to see the city has recovered and with interesting developments. From the plaza, to the capitol, schools and hospital a familiar paint of purple can be seen which I was told was the color of healing. When I was going around Mati, I had no idea there was a Subangan Museum in which my habal-habal driver recommend I visit. I was hesitant at first but since I was already there, I thought I would do a quick round but ended up staying more than an hour.

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