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Davao Oriental | Dazzling Dahican Beach and Mati City

Beautiful Dahican Beach in Mati
Beautiful Dahican Beach in Mati

I like places that surprise me. At times I would go to a destination not knowing what to expect. Yes I would have an idea or two but finding out there’s more when I get there is always exciting. Mati City in Davao Oriental is one of those places that has a surprising development. Typhoon Pablo battered, it has recovered quite well. Aside from the purple bannered buildings that rose from the rubble, its Dahican Beach has been the top draw in the province.


Speeding through Manila’s thoroughfares

Waiting in Ped Xing

Waiting in Ped Xing

My vision of Manila has been limited to DVDs, Hidalgo, LRT, crowded streets and dark grievous corners where anything can happen. I studied at U-Belt for more than four years and had only seen only the dilapidating side of Manila at that time. But a quick walk through Manila’s inner thoroughfares recently expanded my vision of this old city.


Ronin On The Move

“Ronin” a masterless samurai, wandering around. Cool word. Hehehe. Wow. It’s been a week since my last post. I’ll try to go back from the most recent towards the latter. At least on what I remembered! hehe.

Daylight in Baywalk

Today : It was so damn hot outside! I haven’t even left my place yet, my sweats already trickling. Makes me more mad when it’s so darn hot! Have to bear it though. Went to Makati this morning and sent my application for a part-time job on this ad agency. Ooooh hopefully I do get it. Then I went stopped by my old office for a short visit. Spread out my Portfolio around and Lent Kelvs my Comics.

Ate my lunch alone. Huhuhu. Loner. Then went to Roxas for a Meeting. Wow. Interesting scene Baywalk is at daylight. There are mostly those Fisher’s trying to catch some fish at the filthy waters of the bay. Yeah Filthy! Lots of trash.

Aristocrat Banner

Caught sight of the banner I designed for Aristocrat. Ooooh looks good that big! There were a gathering of interesting people at the Meeting. Met Vanessa and her friend, a freelance writer, quite a character, had some published writings on different magazines. She will be doing the copy for the project. Also met Alvin, quite a Photographer. Small guy but he presented his wedding album projects he has done recently. Ooohh. How much money he gets through this. His own studio! Alvin will be doing the photoshoot for the project. Let’s see where this team will go but I’m a bit excited to do this. Hehehe.

On my way home there were this shooting at baywalk. Must be one of those telenovelas. Alvin told me Regine Velasquez was there earlier. So it must be that new series of her. After which I went to Hidalgo to buy a new Tripod. I got a cheap one but looks sturdy. Yeah I’m cheap, I don’t have a regular job so I really have to watch my expenses right now. Don’t want my savings to fizzle out fast

My Portfolio CDs

Yesterday : I think I made a Major BooBoo here. I just finally finiahed with my Portfolio CD that I plan to give out around. Not that really satisfied but it will do. I can add some sections to it later. It took a lot of energy and thinking doing this. it has been at work for the week and even rattled my brain how to do that thingy and that thingy with this thingy. Anyways it looks good.

Day Before Yesterday : I’m recovering from sickness. I now have a mild throbbing headache. Doing more of my Portfolio stuff.

3 days Ago : I’m supposed to go to Makati today but I feel I haven’t fully recovered yet. I’m not drinking any Medicine because I believe that the Body has a natural ability to heal itself. So I just drank lots of water, rest a bit, eat and tolerate some headsplitting headache once in a while while I do some work on my Portfolio.

4 days ago : I’m sick right now. I feel cold and I have this headsplitting headache. Wow, it’s been sometime since I’ve been sick. I’ve always believed that when you get sick, it means your body is telling you something. I guess it’s saying that I should slow down.

OK that’s it for now. This is beginning to be a long Post. Below are some Pics for the last few days

Aztec Statue

Aztec Statue at one of the Restos at Baywalk

Pirate Mime

Drop in some money and the Mime will move!


And so it goes on…

Baywalk Sunset

I caught this magnificent play of colors when I was in Baywalk last night. It was magnificent and very calming. The water was also so calm and the colors of the cloud would just make you stop. And remind you how you can appreciate life whatever may transpire.

So much has changed lately, the surroundings, the people. And it can be quite getting used to. I decided not to push through with any of my trip this weekend. I may have my leave on Friday and I may use it for something worth while instead. And it wouldn’t seem okay to my relatives to see me wandering off while most of them who is closely related to my Couzin is off to our place. It would seem Lakbay would not have any trip also this weekend.

Well that’s how it goes, sometimes you just have to go with the flow of things.

But despite all these Life is still good. Will continue of with my intended plans and goals for the next half of the year and hopefully all goes well

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