Metro Manila places of interest

Walks In The Parks: Taking a Breather After The Pandemic Lockdowns In Metro Manila’s Best Parks 

After more than two years of the pandemic and its seesawing mandates on lockdowns, it’s literally a fresh idea to literally go out once again in the open to the freedom of your nearest park.  Imagine how we all coped staying put and working (studying for those still in school) at home, going out only on the most exigent errands. 

Cagayan places of interest

Beltfishing Experience in Santa Ana Cagayan

We found ourselves at the shores of Diora-Zinungan in Cagayan Valley at the break of dawn. Boats were already lined-up at the beach awaiting to take us to sea. The coastal town had been practicing beltfishing for more than two decades and it has become one of their main source of livelihood. Department of Tourism Region 2 recently spearheaded a program where tourist can experience their unique way of fishing. And we’re here to try our hand on their way of fishing.

places of interest Travel

Real Arabian adventures for the intrepid traveler

Beyond the sleek urban high-rises, ultra-modern shopping malls, and the cosmopolitan attractions of its capital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia can be an intrepid explorer’s destination if one is willing put in the effort and look beyond the sand and dunes stereotype.  The opportunity to discover storied places, some dating back to ancient times, certainly make visiting Saudi Arabia as a traveler out for a real, honest-to-goodness adventure, a worthwhile thing to pursue.  That there are inexpensive Riyadh to Manila flights ticket available sweetens the pursuit all the more.

Dinagat Islands Philippines places of interest

Dinagat Islands: Divine Master’s Shrine and Islander’s Castle

I wouldn’t want the weather to spoil my exploration in Dinagat Islands. I’m thankful I was able to visit Pangabangan Island and Lake Bababu, but I felt I wasn’t able to maximize my boat rental for the places I visited. With the weather showing no signs of letting up anytime soon, I decided to take a road trip toward the east instead. Escaping the habagat winds to a much, hopefully, fairer weather at the municipality of Cagdianao. Rex of JBN Inn managed to find me a habal-habal service for the road trip. The plan was to stop by interesting places along the way. Just within town are the Divine Master’s Shrine and the Islander’s Castle atop the scenic hills, our first few stops.

Feature Kuwait places of interest

Enter the Trippy World of Mirror House in Kuwait

For many culture, a broken mirror means bad luck in the unforeseeable future. But for Italian-born contemporary artist Lidia Qattan, seeing her daughter with scattered glass shards on the floor sparked a creative idea. To minimize her daughter’s wall doodling, Lidia started to place the mirror pieces on the wall with artistic patterns. This was the start of decades of work to transform her humble home in Kuwait as the only house in the world covered in mirror mosaic – the Mirror House.

Malaysia Penang places of interest

Chew Jetty of George Town’s Clan Jetties

The Philippines is no stranger to water world communities or people living on stilt houses by the sea. Like the Badjao’s of Mindanao or the community of Rio Hondo in Tawi-tawi, the UNESCO-listed George Town interestingly have their own version in Clan Jetties. But unlike our communities here, these jetties are owned by different Chinese “clans” or families which often can-do merchants or rich families. There are currently seven Clan Jetties. I visited a couple including the tourist-friendly Chew Jetty. This was still part of the KKDay Historical George Town tour but I managed to return to the area for my own exploration of this intriguing seaside community.

places of interest Taipei Taiwan

Taipei Tourist Spots: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Taipei 101 and Ximending

It’s always fun to allow yourself to be touristy at times, especially when new to a destination. And since it’s my first time in Taiwan, I was interested to see the famous spots that makes Taipei distinctive. The significant attractions that iconize and built the country throughout the years. Here’s a visit to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial, Taipei 101 and Ximending.

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