Enjoying a Night Out in Pasay City: Top 5 Bars and Drinking Spots You Need to Visit

Pasay City offers an exciting and diverse nightlife scene that caters to a wide variety of preferences and tastes. Its location within Metro Manila makes it easily accessible, and as home to many local bars, pubs, and nightclubs, it provides visitors with a multitude of options for evening entertainment. Another great thing about Pasay City’s nightlife is that many late-night establishments are located near each other. This makes it easier for visitors to conveniently hop from one watering hole to another because the next venue is only a short walk or taxi ride away. The challenge, however, is finding the …

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Walks In The Parks: Taking a Breather After The Pandemic Lockdowns In Metro Manila’s Best Parks 

Arroceros Park paved pathway

After more than two years of the pandemic and its seesawing mandates on lockdowns, it’s literally a fresh idea to literally go out once again in the open to the freedom of your nearest park.  Imagine how we all coped staying put and working (studying for those still in school) at home, going out only on the most exigent errands. 

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Bike & Birding: A Preview of the Redeveloped Arroceros Urban Forest Park

On an elevated platform for birding at the Arroceros Urban Forest Park

If you plan to visit the recently inaugurated and redeveloped Arroceros Urban Forest Park by bike, I would advise to defer for a later time. The park doesn’t allow bikes in the area, let alone, on the pavement going to the park. Since it is still in development (despite being inaugurated already) there are no bike racks in the area. I asked the guards where I can leave my bike securely and they can’t give a definite answer. I was excited to check out the re-opened “last lung of Manila” and do a little birding so I decided to ride all the way from Pasig.

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Pasig River Ferry 2021 Update: Bimodal Travel in Manila

Pasig River Ferry at Escolta

It’s the Chinese new year and I wanted to revisit Binondo, the oldest Chinatown in the world. I knew celebrations this 2021 will be quite different due to the pandemic. But since I haven’t been to this part of Manila, I thought it would be interesting to bike around the area. This time, I went bimodal too. Trying out the Pasig River Ferry service from Guadalupe to Escolta, then back to San Joaquin, Pasig in the evening. So how is it like to travel on a water vessel with my folding bike this pandemic?

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Bike Ride to Jamboree Lake, the Country’s Smallest Natural Lake

With my Dahon Route folding bike at Jamboree Lake

For a moment, I sat on the concrete bench, gazed at the blue sky and clouds mirrored at the still lake. It was a tranquil space in the midst of greens. Jamboree Lake was unknown to me until a fellow outdoor enthusiast and biker, Cha, posted her visit here on social media. I got curious of this lake found within the city of Muntinlupa. Much more when I learned it was the smallest natural lake in the country. With the pandemic prohibiting our movement, it was a challenge to find a patch of nature to explore and enjoy in the stifling concrete landscape of the city. So this was a good starting point for adventure.

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BlueWater Day Spa Opens Their 6th Branch in Ortigas

Spa Theater

Work travels can be taxing and my regular yoga teaching demands a lot of my body. As a bodyworker, I practice self-care and take time to pamper myself as well. Spas is a common place to ease those tense muscles. It’s nice to know there’s a new Bluewater Day Spa in Ortigas, quite accessible to my place. I’ve tried their services before and can attest to their quality and consistency.

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iDiscover Quiapo: Heritage and Culture You May Have Not Seen

The Ocampo Pagoda Mansion

I remember spending a lot of time in the streets of Quiapo when I was still in college. There are familiar streets and landmarks but my wanderings remains to what is required from school. Deovir art supplies, Hidalgo camera shops and bookstores nearby. Venturing through the bustling streets of Quiapo can be challenging and intimidating. Not to mention its seedy reputation as home of pickpockets. But thread carefully and guided properly, a trip to Quiapo can be an enriching experience. Behind the many shops, dvd stalls and buzzing transpos are heritage gems, foodie finds and culture

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