Dinagat Islands Travel Guide Video

Travel Guide Dinagat Islands

There’s a sense of fascination the province of Dinagat Islands exudes. This small remote province in Caraga region is both old and new. An old community that believed in gods and goddesses existed way back the pre-colonial area. At the same time, Dinagat island is young and recently established in 2006. Nevertheless, the island province is still under the radar of many travelers who prefer the nearby provinces like Siargao. For those looking for raw, un-commercialized and roughing it out destination, this place would be appealing. It’s not for those looking to party, food binge on restaurants or shop as there aren’t many commercial establishments here yet.

Chronicles Taiwan Video

Six Days Five Nights Panahon sa Taiwan Chronicles

Taiwan is probably one of our closest neighboring country. It’s only 218km away from our farthest islands of Batanes. It’s so close I even saw the island when I was in Itbayat on a clear sky morning. It was with excitement I had a chance to explore Taiwan through Taiwan Tourism Board for their campaign Panahon sa Taiwan. Recently, Taiwan recently extended its VISA-Free visit for Filipinos allowing us to enjoy this charming country again. For this trip we went to central areas of Taichung and Nantou County, the north mountainscapes of Yangmingshan and of course the main capital of Taipei.

Chronicles Leyte Samar Southern Leyte Video

#SailEast Chronicles: Adventures in Samar, Leyte and Southern Leyte

Admittedly, the regions of Eastern Visayas are some of the areas I haven’t visited as much. Joining the #SailEast fam tour with Tourism Promotions Board was a great opportunity to familiarize with the area. To experience, even partially, what these places have to offer. In our four-day tour we ventured to Southern Leyte’s idyllic shores and islets, Leyte’s island gem and Samar’s Eco-adventure spots.

Advocacy Surigao del Norte Video

Video | Siargao Pilots Juan Effect: CEB’s Sustainable Tourism Program

Realizing the expansion of tourism and accessibility for everyone to freely fly, it’s not enough for Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) to just carry people from one destination to another. CEB aims to lessen the impact of tourist arrivals through its sustainable program called Juan Effect launched in August 2018. By partnering with government and local stakeholders Juan Effect contributes and raises environmental awareness to local communities and tourist in local destinations. Piloting the program is fast emerging tourist destination, Siargao.

Adventure Rivers Samar Video

Video | Ulot River Torpedo Extreme in Samar

The recent #SailEast fam tour brought be back to one of the exciting river adventures I had. The Ulot River Torpedo Extreme Boat Adventure in Paranas, Samar was quite memorable a couple of years ago. And I’m quite happy this eco-adventure destination is still going strong. This time around, the water volume was not as high as my first visit but still managed to deliver a splashing good time. I won’t delve more on the experience as you can read it from the previous post. This time, I’m updating with an informative video on this river adventure. Watch below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.


Ironwulf 2018 Video Summary

The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.

Antonio Brown

It’s all about living the moment. My travels in 2018 has changed somewhat. Lately I’m not scrambling out to go somewhere just to travel. A lot of my travels has been work related and generous invitations. I had a few of my personal ones in between. Maybe I’m just enjoying my time in the city while teaching yoga and honing some other skills. One thing for sure though, all of my travels in 2018 were fantastic. A lot of places I’ve returned to and some new ones as well. Made more special with the company I had the pleasure of traveling with. To sum up the year I made a short 3-minute video I hope you guys enjoy.

Pangasinan Philippines Thrill-seekers Travel Video

Pangasinan | Zipline, ATV and more at Balungao Hilltop Adventure

Zipline with Mt Balungao at the background
Zipline with Mt Balungao at the background

I think there was a time in Philippine tourism when we had a “Zipline Craze”. After a few successful ziplines in Davao, Bukidnon and my favorite, Lake Sebu, suddenly, a lot of province I had visited to wants to add a zipline as their attraction. In my head I was screaming “Not another zipline!” as a tourism officer enthusiastically shares their plan on site. In Pangasinan, there’s Balungao Hilltop Adventure view that claims to have the longest zipline in the country at 1.4km long. Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve heard of the municipality of Balungao. If not for Lakbay Norte 5, this would remain out of my radar. And guess what? We get to try their zipline and more.