Birding in Puerto Princesa Palawan

Puerto Princesa Birding

I had the chance to do birding in Coron and Busuanga when I last visited that area of Palawan. When I returned to Palawan for a Balabac trip, I made sure to allot a day to do some birding in Puerto Princesa before taking the trip. I availed of Totic’s Palawan Birding and Photography to help me spot the birds here which came highly recommended by friends. Palawan has around 27 endemic birds and here are my encounter with some of them for a day of birding.

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El Nido Island Hopping Tour A Update for 2023

& Commandos Beach inEl Nido Island Hopping Tour A

It’s only natural to expect a destination to change, especially if got more popular and the inevitable development creeps in. El Nido is one of those destinations where I have seen change since visiting the place several times since early 2000 and even lived briefly as a local. Recently, I was able to return as soon as the pandemic restrictions started easing. Aside from doing the El Nido Canopy Walk, I was able to join the El Nido Island Hopping Tour A. I noticed and observed some minor changes in how they do the tours these days since I last visited.

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El Nido Canopy Walk: Easy and Eco-friendly Way to Enjoy the Taraw Cliff

El Nido Canopy Walk

The 230-meter-high El Nido Taraw Cliff is an imposing natural landmark in El Nido town. I remember the strenuous climb up its craggy limestone cliffs years before. It was not easy but definitely rewarding panoramas. I wanted to climb up again when I came back to El Nido coming from Balabac. Unfortunately, the Taraw Cliff climb is not being offered by any tours. Pandemic restrictions were just easing out and the next best thing is the El Nido Canopy Walk. I could actually see the view deck just behind the bed and breakfast where I’m staying. I thought it was rather …

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Balabac Island Hopping Adventure

Balabac Island Hopping

Palawan’s allure never ceases to amaze. Coron and El Nido are both spellbinding with their stunning limestone rock islands and picturesque beaches. Puerto Princesa, considered the gateway to the last frontier, showcases equally impressive flora, fauna, and, natural wonders. The south of Palawan won’t be left behind though, as people are starting to discover the gem from down under. The municipality of Balabac is starting to make a name for itself. The southern archipelago boasts islands and islets with vast expanse beaches both pristine and raw.

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The Heritage of Culion Town

Culion Town Palawan

Leprosy has been eradicated in Culion since the 1980s but the stigma still remains. It didn’t help that the World Health Organization (WHO) only declared Culion leprosy-free in 2006. So why not embrace this history of healing of this infectious disease? The structures, the research, the tools, and the story of the people who lived while it was a leper colony remain. Culion town is a witness to how a community persevered and healed.

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Revisiting Coron in 2021: Coron Island and Town

Banol Beach at Coron Island

After 9-10 months since our community quarantine started, destinations have started to slowly and carefully ease up restrictions. To jumpstart our travel industry, major destinations like Boracay, Baguio and Bohol served as a model for safety protocols and procedures for travel. Last December 2020, world-class tourist destination, Palawan opened its doors to outsiders, particularly for those coming from Manila. Coron, Palawan, ushered in welcoming tourist. In company with DOT-MIMAROPA, we were able to experience how it is like to travel safely to Coron, Palawan. An exciting invitation to see how travel has changed during the pandemic. Also to check the state of Coron island’s, beaches and other attractions.

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