A Short Scenic Bike Ride Along Sun Moon Lake

Cycling at Sun Moon Lake

N listed the bikeways at Sun Moon Lake as one of the “10 Cycling Routes in the world that will take your breath away”. I get to find out for myself if this isn’t just a hype. During our luxury stay at Fleur de Chine, I made sure to wake up early and maximize my morning by the lake. We have a biking activity in the morning but there were still hours to spare for quick morning stroll. After seeing the star studded sky, placid lake and mountain gradients from my room balcony I was just too eager to get close to the lake.

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Stay | Fleur De Chine: 5-Star Elegance at Sun Moon Lake

Balcony view from my room at Fleur de Chine

As beautiful and serene Sun Moon Lake is, a fitting complement on a visit here is a luxurious stay at Fleur De Chine. A 5-star resort at the northern shores of Sun Moon Lake. Home of the first ever hotel built on the site in 1975 under a different name. After a major Taiwan earthquake in 1999 where the original hotel crumbled, the hotel was reborn as “Fleur de Chine (Flower of China)”. Along with the renovation is a discovery of a natural hot-spring in the area. A high quality “sodium bicarbonate” hot spring which is colorless, odorless and potable. …

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Nantou County | Sun Moon Lake Afternoon Cruise and Sunset Walk

Sunset at Sun Moon Lake

The landlocked county of Nantou in central Taiwan has 41 mountains, including the country’s highest, Mt Yu (or Yushan) at 3,952 meters. At the heart of the county, (and even the country) is the largest, natural lake in Taiwan, the Sun Moon Lake. Located approximately at elevation of 748 meters above sea level, the area is a popular weekend destination from Taichung due to its serene environment, picturesque lake and cool surroundings.

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Nantou County | Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

A traditional game from Formosan aboriginal people

I’ve been interested with the aboriginal heritage of Taiwan since it has close proximity with our islands. I know some Itbayaten have Taiwanese ancient lineage based on the paler complexion and somehow thin eyes. Could ancient Taiwanese have stone houses similar in Batanes? That I have to see as we visit the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Yuchi, Nantou County, central Taiwan.

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