Going all terrain

All Terrain Vehicles

One of the new activities in Boracay Island is driving those new All Terrain Vehicles up and across the island. It’s really fun especially when you are passing through really rough and dusty roads. More fun if you are racing with the other guys and trying to overtake them as well. I heard you can even take this up to Mt. Luho, the highest peak in the island.

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Boracay revisited

Boracay Sunset

Will just keep this entry short. It was an exhausting but really fun weekend. Never thought I would enjoy myself that much in Boracay. We stayed for 4 days and 3 nights there through the invitation of the local government to present “What’s new in Boracay“. It’s a series of Media visits, and this time around we were in company with the Mega Magazine Publishing Group and Lifestyles writers from Inquirer and Philippine Star. Geez, I think I added weight there since most the time we were eating, hopping from one resto to another then there’s the endless photoshoot of accommodations. Still, we were able to enjoy more than the white sands, like the new ATVs (All terrain Vehicles), lunch within a running river and a cave at Malay mainland. That’s it for now. Will try to post pics in the coming days.

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