A hike of volcanic proportions

Taal Island

This is the island in a middle of a lake, at the center of an active volcano in the middle of an island right at the center of a larger Taal Lake. Whew! Also known as the 1911 crater.

Taal viewed from the highlands of Tagaytay has never failed to mesmerize people. I for one am enchanted everytime I’m in the area whether to just pass by or to eat at one of my favourite restaurants overlooking the Taal volcano.

The imposing structure of a dead Volcano

The imposing view of a dead Volcano while docking on the island

I’ve always have been interested in trying to hike the crater of the volcano. Finally I was able to do this. The Taal Discovery tour was supposed to take place November last year, but was cancelled due to volcanic activity at that time. Well it pushed through with the help of Miss Ruby of MFPI and 27 participants from Accenture. I was surprised at the sheer number as I was not used to leading such a big group and was keen more into taking photos and not having to worry about them. Well Miss Ruby did well in organizing with me on the background for support and Benjie of Accenture overlooking his invited participants. I also thought it would be ok since this is only a daytrip so it pushed through.