Samar | Exhilarating Ulot River Torpedo Extreme Boat Adventure

Ulot River torpedo extreme boat adventure

I took the front seat of the ‘torpedo’ boat. That’s what they call this long wooden motorized canoes without outriggers in Samar. Like the faluwas in Batanes, these boats are designed to navigate wild waters whereas if they have outriggers, it would easily snap from the force of the rapids. Judging by the boats, I could expect an exciting ride over at Ulot River. The Ulot River Torpedo Extreme Boat Adventure is one of the main attraction in Samar which is also a part of the Ulot Watershed Ecotourism Loop attractions of numerous waterfalls, caves, springs and an eagle sanctuary.

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Jovellar | Quitinday Kinunot at Naglaus Underground River

Jovellar's Quitinday Canyon

We all know people are drawn to the natural beauty of Mt Mayon as a reason for visting Albay. But venture further, there are other attractions to add a little adventure to one’s sight seeing. About 16km passing through the town of Guinobatan is the municipality of Jovellar. Found tucked in the town of Quitinday is a nature gem still off the tourist trail. Discover scenic canyons, waterfalls and an exciting underground river.

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