Thank you Windows into Asia Awards, Phil Blog Awards and Blog-o-rama

National Geographic Windows into Asia Awards 2007

National Geographic’s Windows into Asia

Wow! It’s April already and I have a lot to be thankful for for the month that passed. First of all, I am very grateful for National Geographic Asia for being one of the winners in their National Geographic and Sony Ericsson’s Windows Into Asia Awards 2007. The contest aims to showcase the richness and vibrancy of Asia. I’m very happy about this since I’m a fan of National Geographic and it would be a dream come true if I’ll be able to work with them. And having one of my works being critiqued by Matthieu Paley, NGC Adventure Photographer and Quentin Tang, NGC Creative Director and finding it as one of the top 3 entries from the Philippines is already an achievement for me. Though I would really would love that trip to Mongolia, I’m still thankful since I’ll get a new bag and some goodies from them. You can check out the rest of the winners here from each country. They didn’t get my whole name right though. They forgot my surname! Oh well. Hehe.

Philippine Blog Awards 2007

Philippine Blog Awards 2007

And at the local front, the Philippine Blog Awards was held last night. It was like a giant EB with a semi-formal attire. hehe. I was there with fellow finalist Karlo of Sleepy Traveler and our friend Tonette. I must commend the organizers Jayvee, Abe and Gail as I could see the hard work they did on setting up this event. Though it could use a bit of improvements on some areas, it was successful nonetheless. didn’t bag any awards that night. Huhuhu. But I’m still thankful to the judges for being part of the roster with those amazing blogs in the category I’m in. So congratulations are in order to Ivan About Town for winning the Best Travel Blog. I was telling Karlo earlier that night, since they are friends and also travel together that Ivan has a good chance on winning this one. Congratulations also goes to Far From Neutral Notions for winning that Best Blog Design Award. Hands down to your design prowess! I envy you for getting that sleek Canon Photo Printer! haha. Also extending my congratulations to Senor Enrique for bagging the Best Photo Blog Awards! I told you, I’ll be saying that a lot in the future. And for the rest of the winners, congratulations as well!

I didn’t go empty handed though. Hey, I managed to get up the stage and got this nifty HP Photo Paper for winning a raffle. haha.

Blog-o-rama feature on

Philippine Blog Awards 2007

Update April 2 2007: Just another quick wow! En Route has been recently featured at Manila Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama. Last week I was completely surprised when Annalyn Jusay of the famed Ajay’s Writing on the Wall sent an email requesting for an interview. It was completely unexpected. From the start I really don’t want my identity spread out too much in the internet and keep a low profile as much as possible. I guess I can’t do that anymore. Hehe.

So many many many thanks to Annalyn for the feature. I hope you keep on discovering more blogs to show us readers.

There’s a high resolution image here if you would like to read from the paper and the online article can be found at the Manila Bulletin Website.

Anyways, once again thank you all folks and my fellow readers. March has been a great month. Summer is here! So travel well and keep safe! I will be out on an extended vacation by Tuesday next week and might post my next entry by the middle of the month. Or I might schedule some post if I’m able. Thank you all and see you guys later! Now let me bask in my 15 minutes of fame for a week while it last. Hehe.