Ironwulf at Mornings@ANC

Juned at Mornings@ANC

Juned Sonido, one of the Philippine Blog Awards organizer being interviewed by TJ Manotoc at Mornings@ANC

Got invited again by ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel) to guest on one of their shows. This time it’s on Mornings@ANC to talk about the recently held 2nd Philippine Blog Awards. I’m was joined by one of the organizers of Philippine Blog Awards, Juned Sonido and also Best Tech Blog Winner Juan Karlo.

Ferdz at Mornings@ANC

Me, Juan Karlo and Juned at Mornings@ANC

It was a pretty interesting discussion. TJ Manotoc did the interview at their Tech Head segment. I though he did pretty well with the interview flow. Juned did great in answering queries about the PBA and blogging per se which I think he’s the perfect spokesperson for this. Karlo and I represented some of the winning blogs and discussed our niches and blog behaviors. Coy, Winner of the Best Video and Podcast Blog has uploaded the initial half of the interview over his site here.

It was a pretty short interview unlike the first one I did for Shop Talk. The ANC Shop Talk interview is already up over my multiply site at You have to be added as one of my contacts to view the video.

Philippine Blog Awards 2 - Best Travel

My Philippine Blog Awards Trophy for Best Travel Blog

I was also able to get my PBA2 Trophy from Juned. Pretty cool golden mesh work. Juned said it represents the malleability of the Philippine Blogging Community. Many thanks again for PBA for this award. Thanks goes out also to the staff of ANC for being invited on the show. Thanks also goes to Lagal[og] for the interview photos.