El Nido: A relaxing afternoon at Corong-corong Beach

El Nido Corong-corong Beach

Relaxing at Corong-corong Beach El Nido

That little stint up at Pasadeña to see the Makinit Hotspring and Nagkalit-kalit Falls was partially a sad discovery. The hike was a welcome activity but I’m really concerned on how El Niño has affected our environment. It’s a wake-up call to everyone that the threat is real. We may not be feeling it outright inside our doorsteps in the suburbs but it’s happening out in the wilderness. And it’s not an exception for a place we call “The Last Frontier” in the Philippines.

El Nido Town Beach Cozy

Chairs at Marina Garden Resort El Nido Beach

We had a late lunch and chilled out at the voyeur chairs off Marina Garden Resort, where some of our group are staying, that afternoon. Yeah it’s nice to people watch on this side of the El Nido beach where most people flock. I can say it has one of the nicest beach stretches in the whole El Nido beach. It’s mainly for swimming.

El Nido Stunning Vista Resort

At the Stunning Vista Resort Corong-corong

But since there’s a huge wall of cliffs on the side of the town, there is no clear view sunset or sunrise. Letting the sun level down a bit, we took a 10-15minute tricycle ride for the nearby Corong-corong south of El Nido town. The drive itself is already scenic.

El Nido Corong-corong Beach

Hammock by the beach

We asked the tricycle driver to take us at the most scenic part of the Corong-corong Beach and we were dropped at this nice resort by the road called Stunning Vista Resort. It’s a fairly new resort with rooms being furnished. Their restaurant serves very good food. We tried their halo-halo and their main dishes as well and I can say I don’t mind riding back here just for the food.

El Nido Bacuit Islands Sunset

Islad Gradients on the horizon

They got a really nice spot on this golden beach of Corong-corong. It’s a nice beach, not powdery sands but still pleasant to the soles and the water is just so clear. I could see the gradients of the numerous islands far on the horizon.

El Nido Corong-corong Beach Sunset

The few rocks at the beach with El Nido Cliffs on the right

I explored the beach and the waves here is so gentle a mom wouldn’t worry swimming with her kids. There was a group along the road cliffs enjoying some afternoon barbecue and a little music on the side. It’s great place just to sit down on a wooden chair or hang out on a hammock with a good book while waiting for the sun to go down. I’m glad we trooped here and found the other side of El Nido beyond the cliffs.

El Nido Corong-corong Beach Sunset

Corong-corong Dusk Light

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