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Mindoro: McArthur and San Jose, Tale of the Second Landing

McArthur 2nd Landing Marker

San Jose’s McArthur Second Landing Marker

I felt a different sensation when my feet landed on the black sands of Aroma Beach in San Jose, Mindoro. It was on these sands where Philippine wartime history was written 66 years ago. On December 15, 1944, 16,500 soldiers, led by the prominent figure Gen. Douglas McArthur, stomped the black sands amidst the bombings that took place on these shores.

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Mindoro Stay | At home in Villa Paulina Gardens & Resort

Villa Paulina Garden and Resorts Main Building

Villa Paulina Main Building

Island hopping is fun but beach hopping and let alone spending hours on a boat as well can take a toll. One moment I’m looking at those beautiful islands and in seconds I’m looking at the wooden paint patterns on the boat. I think I was bobbing my head up and down getting minutes of those micro-sleeps. While I enjoyed the tour in Ambulong and Ilin Island, I was also yearning to go back to the resort and rest up a little and check up what’s in store at Villa Paulina Gardens and Resort.

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