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My Son Sanctuary | Ruins from the Champa Kingdom

My Son Tower structure

One of the towers of My Son

Traveling on the back of a motorcycle for an hour and half from the Ancient Town of Hoi An, pass the rural countryside, rich with rice paddies and farms, we headed to another of Vietnam’s UNESCO Heritage siteMy Son Sanctuary.

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Ancient town of Hoi An

Welcome to Hoi An

Entrance to one of the Art Shops in Hoi An

So there we were, riding on a back of a motorcycle on a 4 hour journey towards Hoi An from Hue. It was an exciting ride speeding through the hi-ways of Vietnam. I felt I was the young Che Guevarra (hoping to look as well :P) of Motorcycle Diaries who traveled from Argentina to Chile. But the problem was I was really feeling sleepy during the trip, which is kind of dangerous when you’re on the back of the bike. Good thing our “Easy Rider” guide gave me a bubble gum to chew on to fight the sleepiness.

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Good morning Vietnam: A Vietnamese Breakfast

Breakfast with the Vietnamese

Breakfast with the Vietnamese

Another thing I learned about the Vietnamese is that they are very lazy when in comes to breakfast. Our guide Lee Tien, told us that most of them after waking up and before going to work usually just stops by at the nearest corner food stall and eat a quick Vietnamese breakfast.

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