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Ifugao: The Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Terraces Summit View

Banaue Terraces Summit View

We left Batad that morning to catch our Van going back to Banaue. With leg muscles still slightly sore from our hike to and fro the Tappia Falls, we took the easy route back to the saddle which is a moderate slope than the steep stairs we took going down. It was a good thing that the Korean group we shared the Van with waited for us. We reached Banaue before noon and found Stairway Lodge conveniently located near an internet station. Lunch and a bit rest revived our energies to explore the Banaue Rice Terraces.

Ifugao Travel Waterfalls

Ifugao: Trekking Batad Terraces to Tappia Waterfalls

Batad Tappia Falls

Batad’s Tappia Falls

It’s one thing to look at the Batad Rice Terraces from afar, but it’s another seeing it up close and on a different angle. After setting down our things at Simon’s Inn, we rested a few minutes to prepare our trek to Tappia Waterfalls (or Tappiyah Waterfalls). The trek to Tappia Falls is at least an hour as I remember. We didn’t hire a guide and just relied on my memory on where to go. I remember going on two routes then. Let’s just see if I recall them right.

General Ifugao

Traversing Cambulo to Batad

Looking back at Cambulo behind us

Looking back at Cambulo behind us [E500]

This would be my last post for the Cambulo/Batad series. I’d just like to share the beautiful scenery between the 2 villages in Ifugao. Despite the continues rains, the terraces never fail to mesmerize. In fact, the added mist and fog added to the drama of the scenery, making it more enigmatic to the eyes.