Gallivanting in Melaka Dutch Square at Dusk

After our 2-day program in Melaka, we bid goodbye to our faithful eating companions. Some of us, like me, decided to stay longer in Melaka to explore. It was afternoon and I decided to walk. Walking gives me better grasp of a place’s layout and it is only now that I realised most of the attractions in Melaka are walkable. From the Jonker Walk, I crossed the east bridge and dodged the flow of traffic to reach the famous Melaka’s Dutch Square.

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Macau: Penha Hill, Maritime Museum and Dinner at Macau Tower

Penha Church

Coming from Lilau Square and Mandarin House, we go to Macau’s 3rd highest area, the Penha Hill (also known as Bishop’s Hill). As we drive to the neighborhood, Joao tells us that Penha Hill is a high-end residence where the rich, famous and powerful of the Macau people lived. Our coach parked and we made a little hike at the ascending slope to the Penha Church on top. But on the way there we get to see some nice views from this hill.

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